10 Stylish Tablecloths for Thanksgiving

The dinner table is the center of anyone’s attention at Thanksgiving and you want it to look the part. Make a fabulous impression with your dinner guests with these stylish tablecloths for Thanksgiving!

Rustic Leaves Gratitude Tablecloth

tablecloths for Thanksgiving - rustic leaves with inspring Thanksgiving messages like "Give Thanks," "Family and Friends," "Happy Home," and "Welcome"Buy from Amazon

Beautiful Thanksgiving tablecloth with fall leaves and messages printed on it. The messages read “Give Thanks,” “Family and Friends,” “Happy Home,” and “Welcome”

The tablecloth is available in a variety of sizes (including a round one) and matching napkins.

Embroidered Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Embroidered Fall Leaves Thanksgiving TableclothCheck Price On Amazon


Here’s a beautifully embroidered tablecloth for Thanksgiving with fall leaves. The tablecloth is available in 4 different sizes and table-runners (2 sizing options) and napkins are also available.

Made from 100% cotton!

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Leaf Embroidered Thanksgiving Tablecloth

leaf embroidered tablecloth - Beautiful tablecloth for Thanksgiving

Buy From Amazon

This is a stunning gold colored tablecloth with embroidered leaves. It’s made from a heavy weight fabric and machine washable.

It looks very luxurious and elegant. Available in gold, beige and white.

Autumn Leaf Tablecloth

Autumn Leaf Tablecloth - Beauttiful for the Thanksgiving table and all through Fall!Buy From Amanzon

Paprika red colored Autumn leaf tablecloth which will look great all through Fall, not just Thanksgiving! I love the embossed leaves and the fact that it can be machine washed AND tumble dried.

Available in 2 sizing options.

Natures Leaves Printed Tablecloth

Natures Leaves Printed Tablecloth - Classy, yet elegant tablecloth for Thanksgiving

Buy From Amazon

This is stylish tablecloth with printed leaves. The colors of the leaves are kind of muted and the cloth has a subtle satin sheen to it.

The tablecloth is classy, yet beautiful and available in various sizing options.

Harvest Wheat Tablecloth

Harvest Wheat Tablecloth - Stylish Tablecloths for Thanksgiving

Buy From Amazon

Simple yet elegant tablecloth with harvest wheat and maple leaf border. I love the neutral tones with the red maple leaves!

Can be machine washed and tumbled dry on low setting.

Thanksgiving Maple Leaf Lace Tablecloth

Thanksgiving Maple Leaf Lace Tablecloth

Buy From Amazon

This beautiful maple leaf tablecloth made from lace is perfect to decorate your table for any Holiday dinner. It’s also available in brown and is machine washable.


Turkey Festivities Border Tablecloth

turkey festivities border tablecloth

Check Price on Amazon

The turkey festivities tablecloth has a beautiful turkey and pumpkin border. It’s made from a cotton blend and can be machine washed.

Macrame Trim Tablecloth

Macrame Trim Tablecloth - A stylish addition to any table

Buy From Amazon

I love this tablecloth with a macrame trim. The neutral beige color allows for dressing up, so it can be used for a lot of occasions.For Thanksgiving I would add these placemats for a festive touch or browse through these Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas.

The macrame trim tablecloth is available in beige and white and comes in a variety of table sizes (including round)

Harvest Splendor Tablecloth

Harvest Splendor Tablecloth - Beautiful Thanksgiving tablecloth

Buy From Amazon

Elegant Thanksgiving tablecloth made from a cotton blend that looks like damask. Great for any seasonal theme or the Thanksgiving dinner table.


Harvest Jacquard Tablecloth

Harvest Jacquard Tablecloth - Elegant tablecloth for any seasonal or Thanksgiving table

Buy From Amazon

Dress up your Thanksgiving setting with this beautiful orange and dark red tablecloth. It has a beautiful border with harvest vegetable on it and is available in various sizes.


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