6 Benefits of Adding Walks to Your Work Day

benefits of walking on your work day

By adding a walking routine to your workday,  you don’t just get the physical benefits of exercise. Walking has many mental health benefits. There are six benefits that you’ll receive by adding a walking regimen to your workday. 1. Improve Circulation While on your daily walk, you’re increasing your heart…

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40 Weeks Pregnant

40 weeks pregnant

This is it…the week your baby is due. All the preparation and plans should be done, so now it is just time to wait. Enjoy this rare time in your life, your last days of your pregnancy, the last days of it being just you and your baby 24/7 Your…

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38 Weeks Pregnant ~ What To Expect?

38 weeks pregnant - What To Expect

There really is something to all the talk about “nesting”, so don’t be surprised if you have a sudden burst of energy. Get the last minute stuff done and spend time with your partner and with your family; that is what the energy is for! At 38 weeks pregnant, labor…

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