Fun Winter Activities For Kids

winter activities for kids

When the weather is bad or especially cold, kids can get a bit restless staying indoors all day. Here are some ideas to help keep your kids happy and prevent cabin fever this winter: 1. Indoor Winter Activities There are plenty of things that can be indoors that keep kids…

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Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow Review

Available in 2 neon colors, this bow and foam arrow set can send fun flying for preteens and teens. The unique design twist on a traditional bow is attractive and stylish, while appealing to youngsters with an appreciation of futuristic looking toys. 2 different types of arrows are included with…

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Twista Balance Bike by Yvolution Review

Twista Balance Bike

The Yvolution Y Velo Twista is the weird sounding name for a kids balance bicycle. The idea behind the traditionally designed tricycle is that toddlers have a hard time with their balance. So the widely spaced 2 back wheels help them learn to balance a trike so they can confidently…

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Tsum Tsum Plush Collection Review

Disney’s Japanese branch rolled out the Tsum Tsum Plush toys in 2013 as an accompanying purchase to the popular Japanese mobile game by the same name. Tsum tsum in Japanese means “stack stack”, and these cuddly little characters are intended to be stacked in a pyramid. Introduced in the United…

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