Service Business Ideas That You Can Do From Your Home

service business ideasIf you want to work from home, why not start a service business?  A service business will offer you a lot of opportunity to make some extra money.  Take a look at these service business ideas and begin to make some money from home.

1. Freelance Writer

A writer has an ideal job and if you’re looking to begin your own home business, you can jump right into this one. Write for newsletters, magazines, marketers and more. You can join a freelance writing site such as Elance, Odesk and more. You can secure your own clients and easily make a living writing from the comfort of your own home.

2. Pet Sitter

You can easily  become a pet sitter, dog walker or pet care giver. If pets are your thing, this is a fun and easy job that will give you hours of pleasure while you’re making money. All you’ll have to do is put up a flyer at your local grocer’s, library or post office and you’ll be well on your way to your dream job of pet sitting. Don’t forget to make up some business cards as well. Leave cards at the vet, the groomers, pet stores and other similar places of business.

3. Daycare/Babysitting Business

If you have little ones around and can’t leave your house much, this may be the ideal solution. You can watch others children and still be at home to care for your own. You’ll be earning money and tending to the needs of little ones while the parents are working. In many areas, a babysitting business can be very profitable.

4. Virtual Assistant

Many businesses are running on a shoe string budget and need a “girl Friday” or a Virtual Assistant. You’ll be responsible for errands, correspondence, data bases and more while you’re helping these businesses. You can even help other internet marketers in their jobs.

5. Tutor

Perhaps you know a lot about a specific subject. Head to the local college, high school, library and offer up your services with flyers or business cards. If you love your favorite topic and are passionate about it, you may well succeed at this job.

6. Consultant

Maybe you don’t want to work full time but still know a lot about a specific topic or business. Hire yourself out part time as a consultant and share your expertise. You’ll be highly respected and can show others how to succeed in business. You can set your own schedule and maintain your own list of clients or work for a company from home in this capacity. It’s a fun job and you’ll really enjoy the time you spend helping others.

Want more? How about these service business ideas:

Online Business Manager
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Template Bender
Blog Installer
Social Media Marketing Manager
Debt Collector
Answering Service
Outgoing Sales Calls
Data Entry
Online Marketing
EBook Cover Designer
Ghost Writer
Press Release Writer
WordPress Services
Online Research
Software Installer
Shopping Cart Expert
Shopping Cart Product Installer
Online Bookkeeper

Now that you know some of the service businesses you can start in the comfort of your own home, you can decide which one or ones will work best for your needs. You’ll find the exact match if you just give it some thought. Have fun and good luck!

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