Wonder Playball Non-Toxic 200 Phthalate Free Play Balls Review

Whether it’s to fill a homemade pit, a child’s play pen or just for open fun around the house, play balls are always a firm favorite amongst young children. However, as any parent will attest to, play balls tend to get squashed, stood on, sat on, licked, kicked and thrown all over the place. Not only do they need to be safe; they need to be strong!

Enter the Wonder Playball Non–Toxic set of 200 phthalate free play balls, a bright and colorful set of play balls from eWonderWorld. This set of 200 play balls comes with a handy mesh case for storage, and all the balls have been tested and confirmed as phthalate free and safe for children, making them the responsible choice for parents everywhere.

Wonder Playball NonToxic 200 Phthalate Free Play Balls

Features of the Wonder Playball Non-Toxic 200 Phthalate Free Play Balls

•    200 play balls
•    6 vivid colors
•    Mesh zip bag included
•    6.5cm balls
•    Withstand 150 lbs
•    Meets CPSC standards
•    Ages 8 months +

Wonder Playball Non-Toxic Phthalate Free Play Balls

Are the Wonder Playball Non-Toxic 200 Phthalate Free Play Balls Worth Buying?

There are two big problems that any parent faces when choosing a new set of play balls:

The balls need to be lead-free and safe for children, and they need to be robust and sturdy enough to withstand heavy use. Thankfully, the Wonder Playballs are both of these things. Phthalate and BPA free, the Wonder Playballs meet all CPSC standards, and buyers can even request a copy of the test report on the balls for peace of mind. While this should be the minimum any parent should expect when buying toys for toddlers, it is reassuring to see it in black and white on an official report.

The second issue revolves around the sturdiness of the play balls themselves. Anyone who has owned play balls in the past can attest to the fact that they tend to get crushed quickly and frequently, meaning what starts as a ball pen quickly turns into a pen with few balls. Again, the Wonder Playballs perform well here. The balls are 6.5cm in size, or roughly 2 ½ inches. This is slightly smaller than some other ball sets on the market, but this smaller size translates to increased strength. Each ball can withstand 150 lbs of pressure, making them some of the strongest play balls around.

The Verdict:

There is very little to fault here. The balls are well made, and the colors are bright and vivid. The set is broken down as 33 balls of blue, purple, green, yellow, red and orange respectively, with the remaining 2 balls being randomly selected.

The mesh zipper bag is a handy addition, particularly for those not using the balls in an enclosed pen, and the quality is evident. They might be slightly smaller than some other play ball sets, but this does make them easier to hold for younger children. With all that considered, the Wonder Playballs are a fine, affordable set of play balls.

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