Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs

Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs from University Games are basically dinosaurs that can walk. They can also be customized, including their facial expressions, thanks to the wind-up mechanism that the developers integrated into its design.

How Much?
The Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs from University Games are available in cases, which contain 6 dinosaur pieces each. Each case costs $9.99.

Who Would Buy This?
Parents who are looking for innovative toys will surely find it in the Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs from University Games. Dinosaurs are always a hit with children, and there is no doubt that they will instantly like these adorable dinosaurs. Of course, avid toy collectors will also be interested to have these unique dinosaurs, because it’s not every day that you find a dinosaur that walks, at least without the use of a remote control.

Things We Like
These dinosaurs are absolutely adorable! They come in attractive colors: orange, purple and green. All right, these are not the usual colors associated with these fierce creatures but on the Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs, they actually work!
With 6 pieces contained in each case, you will definitely have a ball assembling your dinosaur. Each dinosaur features a custom design, and you can give your imagination free rein. Thanks to this toy dinosaur’s wind-up mechanism, you can customize how its body is formed. You will also have the ultimate say on what look or expression the dinosaur’s face will have. Rearrange the teeth and the eyes. Make them as creepy or as silly as you want them to be. It’s entirely up to you.
Of course, we should mention what makes the Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs truly unique. They really, truly walk! No wheels, no batteries, no remote controls! The wind-up mechanism of this toy will have it walking effortlessly in no time at all!
This is definitely a great collector’s item for avid toy collectors, or simply those who want something different on their toy shelves.

Things We Don’t Like
We are still not sure whether there is something to complain about the Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs or if it is as the previews present it to be. As of this moment, there are only three colors. It would be good if more colors are introduced so users have more choices.

University Games did not release any information or details with respect to product warranties or guarantees applicable to the Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs.

Is It Worth The Money?
For only $9.99, you will already get a case pack of 6 Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs. That is already a great deal, compared with other toys that are not as innovative as this one.

Where Can I Buy?
The Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs are going to be available in all major toy stores and retailers, as well as online merchants. Amazon is one fine example of these online merchant sites.

Final Thoughts
With the Wind-Up Walking Dinosaurs from University Games, you will wind up (no pun intended) having a lot of fun with your friends and family!

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