VTech Smart Shots Sports Center Review

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is the perfect accompaniment for your budding little sports stars. Score points by shooting baskets through the basketball hoop, or kick the soccer ball into the back of the net! The animated scoreboard will keep track of your child’s score, helping them to with their numbers along the way. The sports center sings along as you score, and shouts out encouragement to your child as they try to score. The Smart Shots Sports Center boasts over 50 songs, phrases and melodies to keep your children entertained, and it also shuts itself down after inactivity to preserve battery life. Encourage activity in your children from a young age, and introduce them to the VTech Smart Shots Sports Centre!

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Features of the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Basketball or soccer
Animated scoreboard
Over 50 songs, melodies and phrases
Ages 1 – 3 years
3 AA batteries not included

Is the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center Worth Buying?

The Smart Shorts Sports Center is a durable and well-made toy that can provide endless fun for children. It is perhaps a little ambitious to call it a sports center, considering that it only really allows children to play two sports. However, this is somewhat beside the point, as what the Smart Shots Sports Center does, it does extremely well. The animated scoreboard is encouraging and engaging, and counts cumulative scores up to ten, so while the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is obviously helping children with their motor skills and hand eye co-ordination, it is also helping them with their numbers.

Although the package is listed as including batteries, many parents have reported receiving their Sports Center without any batteries included. Although this is a minor inconvenience, and the Sports Center takes 3 standard AA batteries, it is none the less annoying when these kinds of toys aren’t usable straight out of the box, particularly when that is what is claimed.

While the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is categorized as being ideal for children from ages 1 – 3, it is unlikely that many 3 year olds would get extended use from the Sports Center. For most 3 year olds, the Sports Center will be simply too small and not provide enough of a challenge. However, for children between the ages of 1 and 2, the Smart Shots Sports Center is absolutely fantastic. It offers just the right level of difficulty, and encourages children to keep at it to improve. The automatic responses from scoring provide children with a sense of achievement, and the dual mode of basketball and soccer ensures that the toy stays fresh in children’s minds. There’s no doubting it; VTech have done it again.

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