Tamagotchi Friends

Tamagotchi Friends is an upgrade of the original Tamagotchi toys, virtual pets that can be raised from babies to adulthood. They are bigger, features “near field communication” technology, offer more characters, and can play games.

Tamagotchi Friends

How Much Does The Tamagotchi Friends Cost?

Each Tamagotchi Friends toy costs $42.99

Who Would Buy This?

Fans of the original Tamagotchi back in the ‘90s are sure to be on a nostalgic trip and want to see how their favorite toy while growing up has evolved. In fact, many will buy the reinvented toy just for old times’ sake. They will also naturally want to have their own children experience the joys and highs that they experienced when it was their time enjoying the toy. Parents who also want to teach their kids about being responsible will also see the Tamagotchi Friends as a good way to train them at an early age about caring for a pet or another being.

Things We Like

  • Tamagotchi Friends retains a lot of the features of the old Tamagotchi, so most of the things that you loved about the old one will also be present in this new edition.
  • The egg shape is certainly a distinguishing feature, and it also comes in a number of colors that will fit users’ varying personalities.
  • What we like best about the new Tamagotchi toy, however, is its use of NFC, or near field communication technology. Just by bumping or tapping two Tamagotchi Friends toys together, you can accomplish a lot of tasks. You can send virtual gifts, presents, and send messages. You can also successfully visit your friend’s Tamagotchi, or send a character from one toy to the other just by tapping them together. This almost makes up for the fact that the toy itself is not Wi-Fi enabled.
  • The games on Tamagotchi Friends are also the same games from the previous Tamagotchi, so familiarity, especially from old fans, is going to be a plus in its favor.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Retaining much of the features of the old Tamagotchi is not entirely a good thing, however.  The screen display is still grainy. The dot matrix is retained, which is a shame, in this day of sharper, high-end LCD. It would have been a good idea to introduce newer games, though.
  • Wi-Fi would also have been appreciated, instead of purely relying on bumping and tapping.


There is no word yet on the guarantee or warranty terms, if any, covering Tamagotchi Friends.

Is It Worth The Money?

Fans of the Tamagotchi toys and franchise will definitely purchase a Tamagotchi Friends toy without batting an eyelash.

Where Can I Buy The Tamagotchi Friends?

Tamagotchi Friends will be available at the official site. It can also be found in major toy retailers and online sites, including Amazon.

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Final Thoughts

Some things never get old, and you can certainly never turn your back on a classic. Tamagotchi has always been well-loved, and Tamagotchi Friends is sure to also go the same route in the hearts (and pockets) of many people.

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