Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Review

This sturdy but lightweight kid transporter enjoys an extremely high customer satisfaction rating on Amazon. The largest online retailer in the world currently shows a 4.5 / 5.0 rating from previous purchasers. This is due to many attractive factors, such as affordability and child-tough design, as well as some nice extras not found on most pull-behind wagons that seat 2 children and extras. Let’s go for a ride in the blue Step2 Wagon for Two Plus, and see just what you can expect.

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus

Where To Buy:

Key Features of the Step2 Wagon for Two Plus

* 2 safety belts are included
* Large, wide easy-latch door
* Extra-long handle folds away for easy storage
* Compatible with Tag-Along Trailer Plus (sold separately)
* Contains 2 contoured seats and deep leg compartments

Is the Step2 Wagon for Two Plus a Smart Buy?

Including smart extras like a built-in cup holder and molded drain holes, this toddler toting pull-along wagon offers a lot of versatility. It is also sensibly and durably constructed. And the budget friendly price tag is attractive as well.

Inside dimensions measure 15 inches in width and 31 inches long. The shipping weight is 24.6 pounds. Consistently a Top 10 seller in the pull-along wagons category of Amazon, the Step2 Wagon for Two Plus is offered in dark blue and willow green molded plastic.

The company also sells the Tag-Along Trailer Plus, which attaches to this wagon for even more storage. One smart feature that many manufacturers overlook concerns how the handle on this wagon is made.

Your handle is long and wide at the base. This gives you great control, and the handset is big and roomy. 2 seat belts are attached to the interior of the wagon, promoting safety for your kids, and peace of mind for yourself.

The rugged plastic wheels are large, and were designed with tread that gives great traction on slippery or sandy surfaces. The side-entry door is extra-wide and latches firmly but easily, so your children can get in and out quickly, and ride without fear of the door opening.

Parents love that this is an easy and safe way to transport children, along with their favorite toys and possessions. Great for the beach, taking a walk around the park or even jogging without leaving your kids at home, the Step2 Wagon for Two Plus has multiple uses.

This pull-behind wagon is durable and sturdy, but also comfortable for your kids. It makes toting your toddlers simple for you, and safe and fun for your children. It’s also accompanied by a high customer satisfaction rating and attractive price tag at Internet retail sites like Amazon.

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