Star Wars Armada Review

Following on from the resounding success of Star Wars X – Wing, Fantasy Flight Games brings us the new Star Wars – Armada. Fantasy Flight Games have been a huge hit in the turn based strategy games genre, and Armada is another stunning production.

This is a two player turn based miniature game set in the Star Wars Universe where players can choose either the overwhelming firepower of the Imperial Fleet, or the more tactically reliant assets of the Rebel Alliance. With new rules that force players to think tactically and strategize their planned moves in advance, Star Wars – Armada demands that players use their brains as well as their brawn to ensure victory in this battle for the fate of the galaxy!

Star wars Armada

Star Wars – Armada Features:

•    2 player miniatures turn based game
•    3 pre-painted ships
•    10 unpainted squadrons
•    9 attack dice and 6 command dials
•    Range ruler and maneuver tool
•    130 cards and tokens
•    Ages 13 +

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Star Wars – Armada Pros:

While on the surface, Star Wars – Armada may appear to be no more than a new version of X-Wing with different ships, the reality is that this is an entirely different game.

The mechanics of play are completely new, and players used to X – Wing or Imperial Assault will need to learn the new game-play mechanisms. The most obvious adjustment here is that movements are not hidden, but pre-planned and visible to opponents. This involves a completely new style of play, as your opponent has an insight in to your plan of attack.

However, not everything is as it seems, as ship specific special abilities remain hidden, so players can plan changes of speed, attacks and movements out of position to completely throw off the opponent.

Additionally, defending against an enemy attack no longer involves the simple roll of a defense dice. Players can utilize specific defensive tokens in a number of ways which can protect against, avoid, or reduce the effectiveness of an attack. Much like attack and movement, defensive capabilities vary between ships, and how they are used can be vital in achieving victory. This element of battle is entirely different from previous games, and takes some getting used to. However, once learned, it is an extremely rewarding style of play.

Star Wars Armada Cons:

The only downside to Star Wars – Armada is the price. It is not cheap, and it is entirely likely that players will want to further upgrade the game with expansion packs and additional ships and squadrons.

That being said, Armada has enough about it that every game will result in unique positions and approaches. Armada has fantastic longevity, and the option of further expanding your fleets only adds to this. When viewed as an investment, and as a game that will keep players coming back for more, it really is a bargain.

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