Simon Swipe Game Review

Has it really been nearly 4 decades since the circular shaped, 4 button and 4 color electronic memory tester Simon appeared? What started out as an 8 inch square model was quickly changed to the circular form factor that the modern-day Simon Swipe enjoys. With newer technology comes a lighter and slimmer Simon, and the original game can still be played on this unit. But 3 new updates cater to the iPhone and Android smartphone users of today, so let’s power up Simon Swipe and see just how good our memory is.

Simon Swipe Game

Key Elements of The Simon Swipe Game

* 3 AA batteries included
* Single person and multiplayer games
* Play in the dark for a unique and challenging twist
* Classic red, green, blue and yellow Simon buttons return
* New design means you can hold the game in your hands, or play on a tabletop

Why Is the Simon Swipe Game a Good Buy?

It is hard to believe, but the original Simon electronic game for memory skill enhancement first appeared in 1978. Inventors  Ralph H. Baer and Howard J. Morrison launched the immediately successful Simon at the iconic Studio 54 in New York City and the rest, as they say, is history.

One of the bestselling pop culture symbols of the 1970s and 1980s has returned, with a modern technology spin. This time around, touchscreen technology demands that you swipe, slide and reverse your way from one light to the next in an attempt to duplicate the previous color pattern and sounds that were just played.

As you know, most smartphones have interactive displays that you tap slide, pinch and zoom to get you where you need to go. The new Simon Swipe takes all those skills you have learned simply by using your smartphone and puts them to work testing and improving your memory.

Currently listed as one of the top 10 sellers on Amazon out of more than 280,000 toys in the Handheld Games category, Simon Swipe boasts an excellent 4.4 / 5.0 customer satisfaction score. And whether you play the traditional memory challenge game or one of the 3 new modern-day versions, teens and adults can both enjoy this memory challenging toy.

Simon Swipe is extremely low-priced, affordable for every budget. The premise is simple, but game play is addictive. 4 game challenges include the classic Simon, with 16 levels of difficulty. A great purchase for anyone for a multitude of reasons, the new Simon Swipe Game by Hasbro is sure to be an iconic hit just like its 1970s predecessor.

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