Sick Science! Kits

The Sick Science! Kits is a collection of science-related experiments by Steve Spangler Science, which are fun, engaging, and highly educational. Designed for kids, these series of experiments is the perfect combination of fun and learning, forever changing the way children perceive science.

sick sience kit eating nails for breakfast
How Much Does a Sick Science Kit Cost?

Each Sick Science! Kit costs $14.99. However, if you purchase all 12 Sick Science! Kits, you can buy the whole lot for $149.99, which is equivalent to the cost of 10 kits, when purchased separately.

Who Would Buy This?

Parents who want to awaken in their children an interest for science should definitely get the Sick Science! Kits. Preschool teachers who want to encourage their young charges and students to be interested in science can also use the Sick Science! Kits as a way to introduce them to the subject.

Things We Like

  • Experiments can be quiet daunting. There are scientific concepts that can be quite difficult to grasp and fully understand. Is it any wonder, then, why science is not the first thing that would pop into most kids’ minds when asked what their favorite subject or class is?
  • Steve Spangler Science seeks to change that by introducing the Sick Science! Kits. These experiment kids will effectively introduce scientific concepts to kids in a fun experimental manner. We like how it transforms something that can be downright scary into an activity that is actually fun.
  • Aside from the step-by-step guide, the use of videos is also much appreciated. Children are largely visual beings, and so they tend to remember more what they see than what they read. It doesn’t hurt that Steve himself also appears on the video to give more motivation.
  • We also like the topics tackled in the 12 experiments. They involve phenomenon and other objects that will immediately snag the attention of children. These include bubbles, puzzles, marbles, jellies, and others. Even if some of the experiments include words such as “explosions”, and one kit is even called “Eating Nails for Breakfast”, they are still child-proof and safe to use and handle, especially by kids. Certainly no eating of nails for breakfast involved here!

Things We Don’t Like

  • So far, we cannot find anything to dislike about the Sick Science! Kits.


There is no information released on whether these kits are covered by a product warranty, or if there is an applicable guarantee for them.

Is It Worth The Money?

Anything that will turn something intimidating into a pleasurable and educational activity is worth spending your money on. We suggest buying all 12 kits at once in order to take advantage of the discount, which is equivalent to the cost of 2 kits, or almost $30.00.

Where Can I Buy The Sick Science Kits?

You can buy the Sick Science! Kits from the Steve Spangler Science site, or you can check out the other online merchants, such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Science can be fun, too, and performing science experiments can be very pleasurable! Just make sure you have the Sick Science! Kits by Steve Spangler Science with you!

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