Shopkins Sweetheart Collection Review

Shopkins Sweetheart CollectionOur Shopkins Sweetheart Collection Review

The Shopkins Sweetheart Collection is a wonderful collectors’ set from Shopkins containing 6 exclusive Shopkins!

In addition, the Shopkins Sweet Heart Collection includes a special handbag perfect for Valentine’s Day and for storing small Shopkins when on the go!

The 6 Shopkins included are Miss Pressy, Meltin Muffin, Choc Kiss, Chocky Box, Candy Kisses and Cheeky Chocolate! This exclusive collection brings together some of the rarest and sweetest Shopkins ever seen in one big box of love!


Shopkins Sweetheart Collection Features

•    Includes 6 exclusive red and pink Shopkins
•    Includes Valentine’s Day handbag
•    Ages 5 years and up
•    Shopkins from seasons 1, 3 and 4

Is the Shopkins Sweetheart Collection Worth Buying?

The first thing to know about Shopkins is that anyone who has never heard of them will find it very difficult to understand what all the fuss is about.However, ask any child who is a fan and you will be blown away by their enthusiasm!

These small yet simple toys are captivating and engaging to fans of the Shopkins world, and this Shopkins Sweet Heart Collection is no different.

Including some extremely rare Shopkins and a special handbag that you won’t find in any other Shopkins collection makes this set instantly attractive to fans.

Different children will have different favorites from this set, but Candy Kisses and Miss Pressy are particularly nicely designed. The features on each character are well presented and children won’t fail to be drawn to the bright, vivid colours of pink and red that run throughout the set.

The handbag actually opens too and can be used to store Shopkins (one at a time), making the whole Shopkins world even more adorable. There is no doubt that young fans of the series will absolutely love the characters included in this set.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, we love Shopkins, as much as you!” is the slogan attached to this set, and it is a message worth keeping in mind. This is a set that will appeal to existing Shopkins fans.

However, those who have not encountered Shopkins before are unlikely to be enthralled by the figurines. To enjoy Shopkins, you have to already be interested in them, so while this set is close to a must have for fans, it is probably not the best set to introduce some to Shopkins.

For that reason, you are probably best off only going for this set if your child is already a fan. If they are, this is a sure fire winner.

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