Shopkins Season 2 – 12 Pack Review

In less than twelve months, Shopkins by Moose Toys have managed to create and establish an amazing line of collectible, imaginative toys that have firmly gripped the attention of children the world over. Shopkins are miniature, collectible characters representing everyday grocery related items that children can collect and play with, giving each character its own personality and voice. After the incredible popularity of the season 1 issue, Shopkins brings us the next wave of adorable, cute characters in this Season 2 12 pack. Each pack contains 12 characters (including 2 hidden characters) along with 4 shopping bags and a shopping basket.

Shopkins Season 2 - 12 Pack

Features of the Shopkins Season 2 12 Pack

•    10 visible characters
•    2 hidden characters
•    Shopping basket
•    4 shopping bags
•    Collector’s guide
•    Ages 5+

Is the Shopkins Season 2 12 Pack Worth Buying?

The popularity of Shopkins is undeniable – going from a relatively small new toy launch to a worldwide phenomenon in less than a year. With nearly 150 characters already available and more to come, Shopkins are going to be around for years to come. Cleverly, Shopkins have not just mass produced all of their characters in equal amounts, but on a sliding scale of rarity, with some characters being extremely limited edition and others being staples of almost every collection. This means that every new pack is received with baited breath and excitement as children do not know which characters they will receive.

This Shopkins 12 pack further adds to the excitement by including 2 hidden characters. Although every pack will contain a variety of Shopkins characters, the hidden characters are often more rare than those shown in the pack. This is a nice touch, as it serves to further build excitement. The downside to this, however, is that if your child already has an extensive collection of Season 2 Shopkins, this 12 pack might contain few new characters to add to their collection.

Overall, the appeal of Shopkins cannot be overstated. Children, particularly young girls, absolutely love them. The variety of characters promotes active and imaginative play, and the figures themselves are exceptionally well made with fun colors and creative names. While some children may view these as a collection to be completed, many more will simply enjoy playing with the fun, varied characters. These are cute, fun toys made to a high quality, and it’s not difficult to see why they have taken the market by storm. If your daughter hasn’t asked about Shopkins yet, expect her to in the very near future.

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