Robot Turtles

Now is the chance for kids to boss their parents around! The board game called Robot Turtles may look just like any other traditional board game out there, but it is actually one that has a sneaky way of teaching its kid players about coding or programming.

robot turtles game
How Much?
The Robot Turtles game is priced at $24.99, and each kit includes the board, the instruction cards, turtle tiles (the robot turtles), and the debugging chips, among others.

Who Would Buy This?
The Robot Turtles board game is meant to be played with kids aged 3 to 8 years old. However, even older kids will also find this game to be fun and educational at the same time. Parents that are keen believers of coding literacy and want to teach their children the basics of programming, or even get them interested in the subject, are going to be easily persuaded to give Robot Turtles a chance. Educators and those who are teaching little kids will also most likely make use of this board to facilitate the learning process for their pupils.

Things We Like
We love how the Robot Turtles is a smart game. It requires hard thinking and strategizing on the part of the child. Of course, children will love the idea of being able to boss their parents around, but parents will also secretly love that their kids are actually learning the basics of programming without them even being aware of it! It’s certainly a sneaky way of teaching them about coding, but it works.
We also appreciate how this board game retains that “traditional board game” vibe, making use of cards and other tools, such as bug tiles, obstacle tiles, jewel tiles, code cards and robot turtle tiles.
The involvement that Robot Turtles promotes ensures that the whole family will be engaged in the game, creating for wonderful bonding moments for family members. It is also very easy to understand, and kids will get the hang of it in just minutes. It even comes with instructions to help you along.

Things We Don’t Like
The Robot Turtles allows up to 4 players at the same time. Four players is already a good enough number, but in case of larger families, this limitation is quite disappointing.

Details on guarantee and warranty on the Robot Turtles are not yet known.

Is It Worth The Money?
You are practically spending only $24.99 to raise little programmers. That is considerably lower than the actual cost of enrolling your little ones in programming classes. To be honest, anything that combines fun and learning is worth the money.

Where Can I Buy?
Aside from the official product site, Robot Turtles can also be purchased in various merchant sites found online. One good example of such a site is Amazon.

Final Thoughts
No wonder the Robot Turtles game became known as the bestselling board game of all time. It is smart, stimulating and very exciting, and it can turn your little ones into smart little programmers while they are having lots of fun playing!

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