Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster Review

The Nerf company began with a simple 4 inch polyurethane foam ball back in 1969. The company launched the original Nerf ball as the “world’s first official indoor ball”. The product was named after slang terminology for certain padding used by off-road racers.

Fast forward more than 45 years later and you encounter the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster, illustrating just how far the company’s products have evolved. Let the zombie blasting Nerf fun begin!

Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Where To Buy Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster?

Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster Features and Specs

* Lightweight, easy-to-use design
* 2 dart drums hold 6 darts each
* Capable of firing up to a dozen darts without having to reload
* When you run out of ammo, just flip to the 2nd drum and keep blasting
* Has not been officially tested against zombies!

What’s Hot About the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster?

It’s an orange plastic gun that shoots soft, foam projectiles. That’s it, in a nutshell. You really do not need to know much more than that, and in that simplicity lies a lot of fun creative role-play for your kids (and probably you as well).

From the Nerf ball to the Nerf hoop and football, this oddly named company has really stepped up their game. This is more than simply a round or spherically shaped ball for throwing and catching. It’s the next in a long line of Nerf blasters, and this one is specifically designed for keeping your family safe when the zombie apocalypse strikes.

A dual canister design allows you to dramatically flip from one cartridge to the next when you run out of ammo. This doubles your zombie attack power, allowing your child to fire 12 zombie strike darts at a time without reloading.

With a purchase price below $20, the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster is attractive to a lot of budgets. Your purchase includes the blaster, 12 Zombie Strike darts, an instruction booklet and 2 (two) 6 dart drums.

Extra darts can be purchased, and are compatible with other Nerf products.

The product packaging recommends this purchase for children 8 and over. That includes teenagers (and adult children) who can now enjoy zombie blasting safely indoors and out.

Why It’s Not so Hot

While the design is original, this is really just another Nerf missile blaster. Sometimes, however, originality is overrated. Kids love blasting things, and this under-$20 toy will no doubt provide years of indoor and outdoor fun and excitement for kids, teens and even the precocious adult.

Who Is the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster Perfect For?

If you are an adult that remembers the original Nerf ball, you may want to check out the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster.

If you have kids or grandchildren that you would like to see put down their smartphones and computers and head outside, this toy makes a fun reason for them to do so.

Kids, especially boys, love play guns and blasting stuff, and this inexpensive zombie striker fills that desire nicely.

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