Modarri Cars

Modarri Cars are not your usual toy cars. Instead of being powered by batteries, it is operated using one’s finger on the bucket seat. It features real steering and suspension, real high grip rubber tires, and interchangeable parts for customization, which instantly turns anyone into an auto designer.

Modarri Cars

How Much Do The Modarri Cars Cost?

Each Modarri Car costs $24.95. The combo pack, which includes all 3 Modarri Car varieties, cost $59.95. Modarri Cars are due out on July 2014.

Who Would Buy This?

The Modarri Cars will definitely be gobbled up by parents who want their kids to have a more hands on experience with their toy cars. Toy car collectors will also be interested to add this non-battery-operated toy car to their collections.

Things We Like

  • We are thoroughly impressed by the concept of a toy car that uses real springs and linkages, both in the front and rear suspensions. Yes, just like a real car, Modarri Cas feature real steering and suspension systems. This guarantees total performance whenever it hits the road.
  • And, oh, how it hits the road. The rubber tires are high grip and high traction, which complements how responsive it is on the road. There are no remote controls to be used here. Just put your finger on the bucket seat – the perfect size to accommodate a finger – and start steering and driving the Modarri Car. It will react to each movement your finger makes, so you can be free and imaginative with it, even making it perform stunts such as spins, wheelies, and jumps.
  • But here is another fun part. In every child, there is an aspiring auto designer. Each pack of Modarri Car has interchangeable parts that you can easily switch and customize. If you have all three models, feel free to switch them up and give your car an entirely new and unique look, but nonetheless stylish.
  • And there are no restrictions when designing the cars, since every piece will fit on every Modarri car. Swap wheels, roll cages, fenders… practically any and every car part! This definitely gives a lot of room for a child’s creativity. Just imagine the many configurations and designs they can come up with!

Things We Don’t Like

  • Since the Modarri Cars are not yet out, we still cannot tell for sure if there are any features that come up short of our expectations or what Kickstarter claims it can do.


Kickstarter has not yet made any announcements on whether Modarri Cars are covered by any sort of product warranty or not.

Is It Worth The Money?

Imagine having the power to decide what your toy car would look like. There is no doubt that the innovative Modarri Car is worth spending your money on and, at $24.95 each, it is reasonably priced, especially when compared to other battery-operated toy cars.

Where Can I Buy Modarri Cars?

The Modarri Cars are now available for preorder at Once it is released, you can also find it in major toy retailers, as well as online sites, including Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Innovations when it comes to toys are always welcome, and the innovative Modarri Cars, which let you feel the road, are certainly on top of the list.

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