KidRobot Marvel Labbits

KidRobot’s Marvel Labbits now has a second series, which is composed of ten mini-Labbits and two large-scale Labbits ranging from superheroes to antiheroes, each wielding their own weapons of choice or distinct costumes and character quirks.

kidrobot marvel labbit wolverine

The Price

Each of the mini Labbits cost $9.99, while the larger Labbits are going to be sold for $49.99 each.

Who Would Buy This?

Marvel fans, especially those who are specifically drawn towards characters from the DC universe will definitely be interested with the second series of Labbits vinyl figures. They don’t even have to be fans of the characters or the Marvel franchises, however. Even those who have an appreciation for action figures and make a habit of collecting them will also be drawn to the Labbits by KidRobot.

Things We Like

  • The first series of Labbits was a huge hit for many reasons, primarily the characters themselves, the bold and vibrant colors, and the representation of the characters reinterpreted in the Labbits way.
  • We already loved the characters in the first set, and we are even happier now with the second wave, since it includes DC characters. From X-Men, there are Cyclops and Wolverine. From the Avengers, there is Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America. The Fantastic Four franchise is represented by The Thing and Silver Surfer. Other characters include Spiderman, Venom, and Anti-Venom.
  • And those are just the mini-Labbits, which are 2.5 inches tall. There are two 7-inch Labbits, and they are the characters of the Ghostrider and Deadpool.
  • The designs of the Labbits are quirky but still remain faithful to the original characters. Spidey’s web, Cap’s shield, Wolverine’s claws, The Hulk’s green skin and Silver Surfers, well, silver color.
  • The design of Ghost Rider is also quite impressive. It has a body designed like that of a skeleton, and its flaming head is also intricately designed to give the illusion of flames.

Things We Don’t Like

  • We understand that the small size of the Labbits, as well as their general Labbit “posture” can cause some limitations when it comes to the design. While the designs of the characters are quirky, we can’t help but feel that some are awkward. Spidey’s web is being spat from his mouth, and Wolverine’s claws are coming out of his mouth as well. These small details could have been better thought out.


KidRobot has not yet released any warranty information for this series.

Is It Worth The Money?

Some may feel that $9.99 for each mini, and $49.99 for each large-scale Labbit, is quite steep. However, you will be paying for quality in these collectibles, so those amounts are reasonable enough.

Where Can I Buy?

This series of Labbits products are available in all KidRobot stores and other online retailers, including Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Collect all Labbits – the minis and the full-size ones –in this second series of Marvel vinyl figures and complete your Labbits collection by adding these DC characters! Trust me, you won’t be sorry you did!

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