MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is an invention kit that has the ability to turn even the most unlikely objects into keys or touchpads which, in turn, will also be able to connect to the internet for more functionalities. It is USB-powered, and is compatible with various operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac, and Linux.

MaKey MaKey

How Much?

The standard kit for MaKey MaKey, which includes one MaKey MaKey HID Board, one Alligator Clip pack, one Jumper Wire pack, and one mini-USB cable, costs $49.95.

Where To Buy Makey Makey?

The MaKey MaKey is sure to be available at the official site, as well as other online merchant sites including, but not limited to, Amazon.

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Who Would Buy This?

MaKey MaKey is for everyone – literally. Children as young as 8 years old can start creating with MaKey MaKey, and adults who are into engineering, art, or simply love inventing and creating stuff, will also have a great time seeing what they can come up with using this invention kit.

It is simple and easy to use and understand, and it is also guaranteed to offer hours and hours of creative fun! Seasoned inventors and experts will also appreciate how MaKey MaKey can help them come up with working prototypes in just minutes.

Pros of the MaKey MaKey

  • We like how MaKey MaKey makes the impossible actually possible. You may think that having a Play-Doh keyboard that actually works is an impossibility, but MaKey MaKey can make that happen. Using bananas as piano keys may also be a far-fetched idea, but thanks to MaKey MaKey, it can be done.
  • Many people would think that something this revolutionary is bound to be difficult to set up and operate. We are glad that this device proves them wrong. As the manufacturers of MaKey MaKey claimed, it is an invention kit for everyone. It is very simple and easy to use, which is anyone from age 8 to 80, from beginners to experts, can create and invent with it!
  • We also like how it is compatible with almost all the commonly used operating systems today, so there won’t be any compatibility issues while using it.

Cons of MaKey MaKey

  • At $49.95, some users find the MaKey MaKey standard kit a little pricey. To fully explore the creative possibilities of this device, some may also find the number of alligator clips in the included pack to be limited, so they have no other choice but to purchase more alligator clips.

Any announcements or details regarding applicable warranties and guarantees for this product are yet to be made by the manufacturer.

Is MaKey MaKey Worth The Money?

When you think of all the things you can invent using MaKey MaKey using just this simple invention kit, then there is no doubt that spending money on it is a no-brainer. It’s definitely worth it!

Final Thoughts

MaKey MaKey is one toolkit that will inspire you to keep on creating and inventing. The fact that it is so easy and fun to use is a bonus!

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