Magic: The Gathering: Dragons of Tarkir Fat Pack Review

The Dragons of Tarkir is the third set of the Khans of Tarkir block of the ever popular Magic: The Gathering trading card game. With more than 12 million players across the globe, Magic: The Gathering continues to grow, and these new sets serve not only to retain interest amongst existing players but to draw in new fans. This Dragons of Tarkir Fat Pack is a wonderful set, including 9 booster packs and 117 cards in total. These packs are factory sealed, and each 9 pack has 13 exciting cards to play with (as well as 1 basic land card and 1 advertisement card). As fat packs go, this is a fantastic deal.

Magic The Gathering Dragons of Tarkir Fat Pack

Features of Magic: The Gathering: Dragons of Tarkir Fat Pack

•    Stunning box art
•    9 packs of 15 cards
•    Full color card booklet
•    Life counter
•    Themed card storage box
•    Ages 13 +

Is Magic: The Gathering: Dragons of Tarkir Fat Pack Worth Buying?

The Dragons of Tarkir Fat Pack has been eagerly anticipated amongst fans, and it doesn’t disappoint. The box art is visually stunning, matching the eye catching brilliance of the actual cards. The fat pack is factory sealed, and each one includes 9 booster packs with 15 cards in each. Notably, there are no repeats, meaning this fat pack is an excellent way of starting off a new deck, or supplementing existing ones. The included card storage box is also well designed, and a welcome addition for those starting a new set.

Each pack contains 1 mythical or rare card and 3 uncommon cards, with the remainder being common cards. This blend is consistent, and means that even a newly started deck is well furnished with enough strong and rare cards to get going. Part of the excitement of these fat packs is finding out just what kind of rare cards you have stumbled upon, and with one included in each booster pack and well over 100 cards to go through, the fat pack brings plenty of excitement.

The only negative of note is that you cannot be sure which life counter you will receive in your fat pack. Many players already have one of the life counters and would be hoping for another, but the life counter contained can be any one of the five original life counters, meaning you may end up with a copy. However, this is a minor inconvenience, and it is far from the main selling point of this fat pack. If you are a fan of the Khans of Tarkir set, then the Dragons of Tarkir Fat Pack won’t disappoint.

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