Ludos By Digital Dream Labs

Ludos is an educational and cognitive development toy that teaches kids to learn the basics of programming and coding by making use of real tiles and puzzle blocks to control mind-enriching videogames. It effectively bridges the gap between a computerized game environment and the real world, where children can still enjoy hands-on activities.

ludos by digital dream labs
How Much Does Ludos Cost?

Ludos, which includes the puzzle blocks, a hardware tray, and the software, costs $119.00.

Who Would Buy This?

Educational toys now come in many forms, and one that teaches coding and programming to children as young as 4 years old are certainly welcome. Parents would never say no to toys that will not only boost their child’s imagination and creativity but also improve their cognitive development. Ludos is also ideal for families or groups of friends who are looking for an activity they can all enjoy collectively.

Things We Like

  • Teaching little kids some coding skills  may seem an insurmountable challenge, and any toy that will help accomplish this – and actually make it fun for the child – is something we would definitely take a second look at. The concept is simple enough, but is actually brilliant. Using real tiles or puzzle pieces, children will rearrange them in order to control videogames. That is already a programming fundamental.
  • The fact that Ludos is a child-proof toy is also commendable. They are made from plastic that is easy to clean and does not contain any harmful compounds or substances. But it’s not strictly for kids. As children grow, they can move forward in terms of challenge and difficulty. Even grandparents will find Ludos to be a great way to pass the time and bond with their family. It’s perfect for playing with a group, making it a social and interactive toy.
  • Ludos is not picky or restricted when it comes to what device it can connect to. It is compatible with many devices such as a desktop, a laptop, a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone. It can be connected wirelessly, or through a USB cable, which is also included in the Ludos package.
  • The first game software that comes with Ludos is Cork The Volcano, which is already an impressive game to begin with. It teaches skills such as Logic, Sequencing, Reasoning, and Problem Solving. The problems and patterns become more challenging while you move up through the levels.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Currently, it supports PC, Mac, and iOS devices. Android devices are not yet supported, but makers of Ludos are saying that they are already making this happen. Linux support is also currently in the works.


Any product warranty or guarantee applicable to the Ludos is still unknown as of this time.

Is It Worth The Money?

Parents will find themselves spending more money on formal programming or coding classes for their kids. At $119, they can get the same benefits, with the added benefit of having their children treat the learning process as playtime.

Where Can I Buy Ludos?

Ludos is available directly from Digital Dream Labs, but it can also be purchased from other online sites, including Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Start on your road to molding future programmers with Ludos!

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