Little Live Pets Bird Cage with 2 Birds

Do your kids always ask for a new pet, but you know what will happen – you’ll be the one forced to care for them? This year, there’s a great gift you can wrap and put under the tree that solves everything.

Little Live Pets Bird Cage

It’s called the Little Live Pets Love Birds Bird Cage with Romeo and Juliet as the two lovebirds. These pets don’t have to be fed or have the bottoms of their cage cleaned – because they’re just animated fake pets!

The birds fit in the palm of your hand and they make cute little noises like bird tweets and chirps – and they whistle like real birds, too! Your child can even use the built in recording device (on the chest of the birds) to record ten seconds of sounds they want their birds to make.

This is just like real birds who learn to mimic the sayings of their real life pet owners. And kids find this feature very fun because they hear it talk back to them. The two love birds can come out of their cage or stay in it.

The cage is very colorful – and it cane be easily carried around from place to place. The perch inside the cage is perfect for the birds to sit on and they can use the swing to move back and forth.

The birds will respond to your child whenever you touch them, and kids love to hold them in the palm of their hands. If the birds are happy, they’ll whistle a neat song for your child.

When they’re located inside of the bird cage together, the birds will snuggle each other and make cute little bird noises. The more they get played with and taken care of, the happier they are and the more the respond.

The toy comes with everything you need – including two triple A batteries, which are required, so you may want to get a few backup batteries in case they run out and your child’s birds stop responding.

This is a great starter pet toy for your little ones. It’s colorful, active and portable. It’s also a great way to see if your child is ready for a real pet, depending on how attentive they are to the toy version.

Birds are always adorable for kids, but real ones can be fragile. These love birds are better options for younger kids who want to enjoy the feeling of having a pet, but aren’t ready for the extra responsibility.

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