LEGO Superheroes Marvel Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit Review

The LEGO company began in 1949. Their first offering, interlocking toy bricks, have become globally popular. By the end of 2012, there were more than 560 billion LEGO parts produced all time.

How popular is the LEGO brand and the toys they make? In 2015 Ferrari was replaced by LEGO as Brand Finance’s “World’s Most Powerful Brand”.

One of their most recent offerings is the LEGO building kit that acts as a tie-in product to the Marvel movie Ant-Man.

LEGO Superheroes Marvels AntMan 76039 Building Kit

Where To Buy?

The LEGO Superheroes Marvel Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit is available from

LEGO Superheroes Marvel’s Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit Features and Specs

* 3 mini-figures in this set
* Includes flying vehicle
* Officially licensed Marvel and LEGO product
* 183 pieces in all
* Recommended for children 6 to 12 years of age

What’s Hot About the LEGO Superheroes Marvel’s Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit?

If your kids enjoyed the Ant-Man comic book or Marvel movie, consider purchasing this officially licensed LEGO building kit. As is usually the case, this play set is compatible with other LEGO products.

Ant-Man, Yellowjacket and Hank Pym mini figures are included. They are each accompanied with weaponry and accessories, and the large flying ant can buzz Ant-Man through the air as he tries to avoid Yellowjacket’s catapult and stud shooters.

Ant-Man is built with a Super Jumper feature your child can use to win this final battle scenario with Yellowjacket. The flying ant figure is impressive, measuring over 9 inches long and 3 inches wide. It includes detailed, transparent foil wings and a cockpit area specially made for Antman.

The flying ant also has large pincers on his head for grabbing Yellowjacket in a final death grip. A special LEGO brick built catapult is included. (As of August 2015 the 3 mini-figures in this Marvel LEGO play set are exclusive to this kit.)

Why It’s Not so Hot

At 183 pieces this LEGO kit could pose frustrating and difficult for some young Ant-Man lovers. As long as an adult helps your 6 to 12-year-old assemble this play set according to the easy-to-follow instructions, that minor difficulty should not be a problem.

Who Is the LEGO Superheroes Marvel’s Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit Perfect For?

This is the perfect Marvel / LEGO purchase for the following people:

*Collectors of all ages
*Young fans of the Ant-Man comic books and movie
*Marvel and LEGO fans that want to get their hands on the exclusive Ant-Man, Hank Pym and Yellowjacket mini figures not available anywhere else but in this set
*Moms, dads and grandparents looking for the perfect gift for young Marvel and LEGO fans

You get exclusive figures, a full 183 LEGO pieces and parts, LEGO compatibility and imaginative play time for a very reasonable price. The LEGO Superheroes Marvel’s Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit deserves consideration for young Marvel and LEGO fans and collectors alike.

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