LEGO Star Wars The Ghost Building Toy Review

Lego has released several play sets in the past which tie into Star Wars movies. Including 4 characters which have never before been released by LEGO, The Ghost Building Toy includes several hundred pieces which require a serious builder and possible parental help. Child LEGO lovers and Star Wars fans alike should take a look at this one-of-a-kind product, which is sure to find a home with collectors as well as kids. Let’s climb on board the Lego Ghost starship and prepare to do battle with the evil Empire.

Key Elements of the LEGO Star Wars 75053 The Ghost Building Toy

* 929 pieces
* Includes 4 new figurines
* Unique Boo-rifle is included
* Recommended for ages 9 to 15
* Lego 75048 The Phantom Starship is sold separately, and can be housed in the docking area.

Why Is the LEGO Star Wars 75053 The Ghost Building Toy a Good Purchase?

As with all the Lego building sets, the pieces in kit #75053 are interchangeable with other kits. That is one of the attractive buying points of Lego products. But what makes the LEGO Star Wars The Ghost Building Toy so unique are the 4 brand-new weapons / characters which debut with this product.

Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Zeb Orrelios and a new Storm Trooper can be created with the 929 pieces that this very detailed Star Wars toy offers. Other weapons include a blaster and a light saber, items your child will remember from the Star Wars movies.

Your kids will really love the spring-loaded shooters on board the Ghost starship, which actually fire. The cargo hold can also be opened to reveal a Holocron, which is a holographic chronicle of the vehicle’s travels.

Special escape pods are also detachable, so your child can stage an emergency evacuation when the Ghost is in trouble. Understand that with a price tag that is a little higher than typical Lego kits, assembly makes for a rather large finished product.

Fully assembled the LEGO Star Wars 75053 The Ghost Building Toy measures more than 5 inches tall, 12 inches in length and 10 inches wide. This is a very detailed product to build, and is recommended for children 9 to 15 years of age.

The Ghost spacecraft was shown in the Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series, and will be a popular hit with children because of this. Rebel mini-figures can be placed in the 2 separate cockpits, with character Zeb fitting perfectly in the 360 degree swiveling gun turret.

For Star Wars and LEGO collectors, this one-of-a-kind kit with never before seen figures is probably a must-have purchase. For children that love detailed construction and the Star Wars: Rebels television series, the LEGO Star Wars 75053 The Ghost Building Toy will definitely be a hit, even if mom and dad have to spend a little more money than they usually do when purchasing a LEGO play set.

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