Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure Review

As Jurassic World continues to break all kinds of box office records across the world, the demand for Jurassic themed toys keeps on rising.

Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure

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This Indominus Rex toy is just as terrifying as the Dino in the movie.

With its gigantic jaws that are bad news for any living thing and color changing skin to help it hide from its prey, the Indominus Rex is a beast to be feared.

Pull down on the Indominus Rex’s arms and watch and listen as his mouth stretches open, his back changes color and he emits a fearsome roar!

Features of the Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure

•    Perfect match of the Indominus Rex from the movie
•    Color changing skin
•    Movable limbs
•    Giant chomping jaw
•    2 AA batteries required
•    Age 4 years and up

Is the Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure Worth Buying?

The Pros

There is no doubting just how impressive this Indominus Rex toy figure looks. The enormous jaws of death that open terrifyingly wide are truly striking, while the color changing feature on the back is a neat trick which makes for fun play.

As far as accurate toy representations go, this is one of the best Jurassic World themed Dinos out there.

The Cons

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to the Indominus Rex. First and foremost, the battery hatch is extremely difficult to access.

You will require a long, thin, small screwdriver that many people simply won’t have in their toolbox. This is a terrible oversight, and not one you expect from such a high profile toy.

Additionally, although the Indominus Rex is amazing to look at, it cannot be posed in many ways. One of the best looks for the toy is the low hunting pose, as it appears in the packaging.

However, this pose is not achievable without additional balancing supports. The Indominus Rex simply does not balance in this low profile crouch, which is a real downside for those looking to display the Indominus Rex as a model.

The Bottom Line

Overall, there is a lot to love here. Children will adore the Indominus Rex, and will be particularly taken with how it looks, sounds and feels.

The head and mouth are made of a tough rubber which protects small hands from any damage during more adventurous play, and the toy itself is robust.

However, the awkwardness of the battery access panel and the questionable balance of the toy mean that the Indominus Rex falls just short of being a truly superb toy.


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