Hexbug Aquabot 2.0

It’s time to play with a different kind of robotic toy, one that comes to life when placed in the water, swims, dives, changes directions, and lights up! This is the Hexbug Aquatic 2.0, a robotic fish powered by Smart Fish Technology and boasts an automatic on and off sensor.

HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0
How Much?
The Hexbug Aquatic 2.0 robotic fish costs $12.99 each. It will cost $19.99 if the fish comes in its own fishbowl.

Who Would Buy This?
The Hexbug Aquatic 2.0 robotic fish will definitely appeal to little boys and girls alike, and parents will gladly choose this toy over other types of robotic toys because of its non-violent nature.

Things We Like
As mentioned earlier, the Hexbug Aquatic 2.0 holds an appeal for boys and girls alike. More often than not, robots target the male population, but with this robotic fish, even the fairer sex will definitely be drawn to it.
The Smart Fish technology that the Hexbug Aquatic 2.0 robotic fish uses enables it to do what other robotic toys cannot do. On top of the list is how it is automatically activated once it is submerged in water. There are no switches are buttons to push to turn it on. Just put it in a fish tank or fish bowl, and it will start swimming and diving. Just to show you how smart this fish can be, it can also change directions on its own.
It does not hurt at all that the Hexbug Aquatic 2.0 robotic fish looks attractive, too. Whether you choose the Angelfish or the Hammerhead Shark variety, you can have your pick from ten translucent colors. The translucent nature of the fish makes them look even more striking once they light up, thanks to the pulsing LED light that glows from within.
Now let us talk about the Wake Me sensor. This is a feature that is not present in the previous Hexbug Aquabot version. After five minutes of inactivity. The Hexbug Aquatic 2.0 will automatically go to sleep mode. The Wake Me sensor works by activating it again from sleep mode just by a tap on the fishbowl or fish tank. It can also be done by simply running your fingers through the water. The movement will automatically wake the fish up.

Things We Don’t Like
Honestly, we could not think of anything to complain about with this aquatic robot toy.

There is no information on warranty coverage or product guarantees applicable to the Hexbug Aquatic 2.0.

Is It Worth The Money?
With the Hexbug Aquatic 2.0, you have a toy robot and a pet fish, all rolled into one no-mess, fun, and colorful package! There is no doubt that your $12.99 is money well spent.

Where Can I Buy?
You can go directly to Hexbug to have your own Aquabot 2.0 robotic toy. But you can also head over to the many online toy merchants and stores, including Amazon.

Final Thoughts
Be smart and get this smart fish for your pet! The Hexbug Aquatic 2.0 robotic fish is one fish that is worth keeping!

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