Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Review

Prehistoric creatures have always had a huge appeal to most children and since the T-Rex is the indisputable king of them all, this Imaginext Ultra T-Rex toy will no doubt fulfill your future paleontologist’s desire for action-packed dinosaur adventures.

FisherPrice Imaginext Ultra TRex

This is no ordinary dinosaur, though. It’s a 2½ feet mega structure controlled by mean-looking warriors… and it can even fire projectiles!

The package includes the T-Rex toy, 3 warrior figures, 4 boulders, and 4 projectiles. Your children will love it and get hours of imaginative play with this toy set.

Features of the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

The T-Rex roars to life at the turn of one of three power pads. Each of the pads offer different and exciting functions:

1. Left hip power pad
The left hip power pad raises the dinosaur’s height to 2½ feet and lights up its eyes and spikes with frightening LED lights.

2. Tail power pad
This pad makes T-Rex give off a terrifying roar before taking four steps forward. Get out of the way if you don’t want to get eaten!

3. Third power pad
Run even faster away when the third power pad is activated. Otherwise, fire projectiles from the T-Rex’s mouth will scorch you alive!

Apart from the three different play functions, there’s also a handy button that will allow the T-Rex to fire boulders from its chest. There’s even a jail to imprison enemy figurines at the bottom of the structure. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Is the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Worth Buying?

Toys that inspire children to create stories are great for learning, and parents who reviewed this product agreed that this toy succeeds in firing up their children’s imaginations. They were also pleased with its strength and durability.


•    The interactive features offered in this toy mean that two or three kids can enjoy hours of adventures and create endless battle scenarios together. The lights, sounds, and movements will no doubt inspire children. As they play, they develop crucial life skills like negotiation tactics and strategic thinking. They will even broaden their vocabularies and stretch their minds as they think up new ways to save the human species from the wrath of dinosaurs!

•    Adults who have never really grown up will love playing with this toy too! There’s enough there to keep moms and dads interested, making it a great toy for family bonding.

•    It’s created by Fisher-Price – so you know you’re buying a quality product from a proven company. This toy is sturdily made and ready for rough and tough dinosaur adventures.


•    You’ll definitely have to move your precious china tea-set out of the way before letting your kids loose with this dinosaur.

•    Adult assistance will probably be needed to put the T-Rex together. Some users have reported difficulty in assembling the legs.


The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex from Fisher-Price is a great toy for kids who love adventure and dinosaurs and there’s definitely an endless scope for creative storytelling and social play when your purchase this mean, green dinosaur. It will be hard to pull your children out of their prehistoric world when you call for dinner.

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