Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet Review

Designed for kids from the ground up, the Fire HD Kids Edition tablet is far more than just a toy. Allowing parents to set up distinct profiles for different children, the Fire HD starts as a child-friendly tablet that launches straight in to Amazon FreeTime. A simple parental log in is all that is needed to switch from kid mode to full on tablet mode, meaning parents can avail of the full functions of a tablet when children are finished playing. Amazon FreeTime gives children access to thousands of books, apps, games and videos that are both suitable and tailored for their needs, and the Fire HD Kids Edition comes with a 1 year unlimited subscription so parents don’t need to worry about children racking up huge bills. With a durable, rugged case and a 2 year warranty, the Fire HD Kids Edition is the perfect child friendly tablet.

Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

Features of the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

  • Available in 6 or 7 inch screen size
  • 8GB or 16GB memory
  • Front and rear cameras
  • 1 year Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription
  • 2 year warranty
  • Set up to 4 different children’s profiles

Is the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet Worth Buying?

When it comes to ‘toys’ for children, there are few guarantees. However, the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet comes with one. Your child will love this tablet. The sheer volume of books, apps, games and videos that are available through Amazon FreeTime ensures that no child will ever run short of attention grabbing content and interactive games to keep themselves occupied. To this end, the unlimited subscription is not only welcome, but absolutely necessary, as children won’t be able to help themselves from clicking on and downloading countless books and games. Most of the icons are particularly inviting, and many young children struggle to show restraint when faced with such a vast selection.

However, while the volume of available content is fantastic, it leads to two problems. Firstly, it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. The structure of Amazon FreeTime is not ideal for click-happy children, and can often result in unwanted programs being downloaded. This has a secondary impact – the memory that these programs take up. Most parents opt for the 8GB Fire HD Tablet, believing that it will provide more than enough memory. The reality is that of the 8GB, only 4.5 – 5GB is actually available for use. The rest is taken up with built in programs.

That might sound OK now, but because of the inviting set up of Amazon FreeTime, children will quickly use up all of that available memory within hours. Unfortunately, when the Fire HD becomes full, the Wi-Fi is disconnected and the child is forced out of their profile. To delete content downloaded to the child’s profile, you must be in the child’s profile, and yet you cannot connect to the child’s profile without a Wi-Fi connection. When this happens, the only option is to perform a factory reset to clear up memory! This is an appalling oversight. The only way to manage the issue is by continually monitoring storage space, and clearing downloaded content on a daily basis.

It is worth keeping in mind that these issues are problems for parents far more than for children. Your kids will absolutely adore the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet. The battery life is not great and the space fills up quickly, but most parents will only want their children to be using the tablet for short periods of time anyway, so this is completely manageable. Additionally, the 2 year warranty is fantastic insurance for something that is likely to get dropped a couple of times during its lifespan. Overall, if you are willing to accept the shortcomings and work around them, your child will absolutely love this tablet.

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