Fashion Angels It’s My Biz

It’s My Biz from Fashion Angels is not your ordinary toy. It is essentially a mini business contained in a kit, coming in the form of either a Nail Salon, a T-Shirt Shop, a Jewelry Boutique, or a Cupcakery Bakery. It teaches kids and tweens how to create fashion accessories and sweet treats, and set up a successful business!

fashion angels it's my biz cupcake bakery

How Much Does Fashion Angels It’s My Biz Cost ?

The price of an It’s My Biz kit, depending on the exact type of business contained, ranges from $19 to $34.

Who Would Buy This?

The It’s My Biz line is primarily created for ages 6 and up. This will definitely be a great buy for parents who are looking for a toy that their children can play with while exploring their creativity and sharpening their business skills. There is nothing wrong with introducing young girls to the business world at an early age. In fact, the younger they start, the better off they will be.

Things We Like About The Fashion Angels It’s My Biz

  • Many would probably argue that it is much too early for kids to start learning about starting up a business, much less run and manage it. However, there are also those who would disagree, saying that it is a good idea to start them young. With the It’s My Biz line, this dilemma is easily resolved. Kids can concentrate on the play-and-be-creative part, while ignoring the business aspect altogether, or they can make full use of the kit and learn as much as they can while having fun.
  • While other similar crafting toys stop at the creating process, this kit from It’s My Biz takes it a step further, providing more challenge for the girls who are playing with it. The business guide and other business tools are very easy to learn, specifically designed with kids in mind. The concept of business will definitely be easily grasped by the players in no time.
  • It also helps that Fashion Angels came up with interesting businesses to include in their kits. Those who love fashion accessories will have a blast with the T-Shirt Shop and Jewelry Boutique. The Nail Salon is a good fit for those who are interested with beauty lines. Meanwhile, you’ll be helping mold a future baker or pastry chef with the Cupcakery Bakery.

Things We Don’t Like About The Fashion Angels It’s My Biz

So far, there is really nothing worth complaining about when it comes to It’s My Biz. It would be a good idea, though, to come up with other types of businesses, just to make sure there is something for everyone. A bridal shop, perhaps?


Fashion Angels has not yet released any information regarding warranty for It’s My Biz.

Is It Worth The Money?

It is safe to say that the price of these mini business kits by Fashion Angels is reasonable, considering its many benefits and the amount of fun it is guaranteed to provide.

Where Can I Buy The Fashion Angels It’s My Biz?

You are most likely going to find the It’s My Biz kits in all major toy stores and online merchant stores, including Amazon.

Final Thoughts

The It’s My Biz from Fashion Angels is the perfect way to encourage your girls to create and become successful businesswomen in the future!

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