DohVinci from Hasbro

Hasbro presents a 3D printer that does not make use of plastic or any heating elements to create 3D figures and models. It’s called DohVinci, and it makes use of a special form of Play-Doh to come up with masterpieces.

How Much?
The DohVinci Kit, which consists of the handheld extruder and Play-Doh cartridges, has a retail price of $19.99.

Who Would Buy This?
DohVinci is primarily aimed for children who are 6 to 12 years of age. However, practically anyone who like creating models and other 3D figures will find the DohVinci a very handy and fun tool to have.

Things We Like
Play-Doh has always been a huge hit among children. In fact, you could say that Play-Doh is one of the many staples of growing up. Remember how you can practically make anything with Play-Doh by using just your hands? Now you will be able to create even more, with the use of the world’s first ever handheld 3D printer, specially designed for kids.
The use of Play-Doh material instead of the usual plastic or wax material is a very good idea. Play-Doh is much safer than plastic, and since it does not harden too quickly, kids can still tweak their designs after having extruded the material.
The fact that it does not require any heating elements to extrude the Play-Doh is also a plus. All too often, heat can cause accidents such as scalding and burning, especially when kids are handling these tools. Parents will have more peace of mind knowing that the DohVinci will not cause any burning or scalding for their kids.
Usually, Play-Doh is also associated with a lot of mess. Yes, it could get messy. It’s a good thing, then, that the Play-Doh material in DohVinci is contained in fine-tipped cartridges, which are then inserted into the extruder.

Things We Don’t Like
Kids may have to wait longer than a few minutes or hours before their masterpieces will be fully finished. You see, it is made of Play-Doh material, and there was no heat used. Therefore, it will take a while before their 3D models or figures harden. Actually, it will take overnight for them to harden, so the waiting may be quite a challenge.
It also becomes especially tricky when the 3D model being created is quite intricate and entails several layers. The waiting period between placing the layers will be quite lengthy, so one 3D model may take several days to more than a week.

Hasbro has not made any announcements yet on applicable guarantee terms for this product. However, knowing Hasbro, they are bound to have warranty coverage in place.

Is It Worth The Money?
For sure, parents will find the DohVinci to be one of the many excellent “investments” they have ever made for their children.

Where Can I Buy?
Aside from the Hasbro shop and major retailers, the DohVinci will also be available in online merchant sites, such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts
Creating is going to be a lot of fun with the DohVinci 3D printer!

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