Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin, Cinderella’s Puppy Review

Many of Disney’s Princess characters over the years have had special powers, and now your little princess can too. Watch your child’s eyes light up as she controls Cinderella’s puppy with a wave of her magic remote-control wand. The cute little toy dog moves, sings and talks according to the commands your princess gives it by waving her sparkly wand. Let’s get into the princess Cinderella spirit and check out this really unique creation by Disney.

Key Elements of The Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin, Cinderella’s Puppy

* Magic wand included
* Sings, dances and talks
* Puppy can “speak” 9 different phrases
* Puppy can wiggle her tail back and forth
* 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries required and not included

What Makes the Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin, Cinderella’s Puppy a Smart Purchase?

Harry Potter has a magic wand, why can’t your little princess? Magic Dance Pumpkin is the name of this Cinderella puppy, and she is adorable. As a standalone toy without using the remote-control wand, this play puppy is excellently detailed and designed. So young girls can enjoy princess play with little Pumpkin without activating any of her special features.

However, when the remote-control magic wand is used, your little princess can make Pumpkin come to life. This Disney Princess Palace Pet can speak 9 different phrases, shake its tail and hind end up back and forth, dance and prance to 2 different songs.

When you press the jewel on the front of Pumpkin, she cycles through several different princess themed phrases. Tail wagging, dancing and a cute little curtsy are activated with the remote-control wand.

Altogether, more than a dozen sounds and phrases are spoken by this uniquely talented little princess pet. As far as construction, Pumpkin is put together very well. The overall feeling is plush and comfortable, with soft fabric ears. The fur cuffs around pumpkin’s feet are removable and a satin bow and tutu are included.

No princess pet would be complete without a tiara, and Pumpkin’s white, silver and blue crown matches her outfit and fur. There are several Disney Palace pets available, and each come with a unique story line.

As legend has it, Cinderella once stepped onto her palace balcony to the surprising discovery of a small puppy. There was little Pumpkin, delivered as an anniversary present from the Prince. Cinderella taught Pumpkin to speak, sing and dance, using her magical wand to do so.

A perfect gift for any little princess, Pumpkin is recommended for children 4 years of age and older. Previous purchasers have noticed that there are small, clear rubber bands on the puppy’s head and legs. They are hard to see, and are only needed for shipping. Removing them makes Pumpkin respond much better.

Disney has a hit on their hands with the Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin, Cinderella’s Puppy. All little girls at some point dream of becoming a princess, and this talented little toy puppy gives your child magical princess powers. This unique gift makes a great buy for your little Disney Princess, or if you collect Disney memorabilia yourself.

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