Disney Frozen Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox Review

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Disney Frozen Cool Tunes SingAlong Boombox

Disney’s animated fantasy / comedy film Frozen has become one of the biggest financial hits of all time for that entertainment company. No doubt your kids already have some Frozen toys, and your little girls maybe dressing as Anna and Elsa already. The perfect accompaniment for any little Frozen Princess is the Disney Frozen Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox. With the accompanying microphone, this purse-shaped karaoke machine lets Frozen movie lovers repeat fun phrases from the movie and sing-along to different tunes. Let us power up this portable karaoke purse and see how Rezound.

Key Elements of the Disney Frozen Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox

* Includes working microphone
* 3 built-in movie songs included
* Purse-shaped purple and blue form factor
* Actual phrases from the movie have been included
* The boombox includes a storage compartment in the back for an MP3 player

Is the Disney Frozen Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox a Smart Buy?

For parents of children that love all things Frozen, this mini karaoke-like machine makes a smart purchase. Including popular songs from the movie such as Let It Go, In Summer and For the First Time in Forever, the Disney Frozen Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox will be popular right out-of-the-box.

But working with the included wireless microphone, your young ones can also hook up an MP3 player, iPhone or iPod to sing-along to any songs that they have recorded onto their play lists. This fun and affordably priced Frozen accessory was designed to look like a plastic purse. Purple and light blue coloring adds a Princess touch.

Recommended for children 3 years of age and older, your Disney Frozen Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox purchase includes 1 microphone, 1 boombox / portable karaoke player and a cable for hooking up to an MP3 player.

The boombox comes equipped with 4 large and easy to use buttons – Power, Song Select, Play / Repeat and MP3 mode. Another nice feature that parents will really enjoy is the lack of an ability to connect to external speakers.

This means that the built-in speakers on this purse-shaped “boombox” are the only outlet for sound, and while they are ample for this product, you will not have to hear Frozen songs repeated constantly through your home stereo system’s speakers.

The price tag is in line with the technology here, and your little princess will enjoy singing her favorite songs from the Frozen movie. But the ability to attach an MP3 player really makes this miniature karaoke-like device limitless in use, providing years of fun for your kids.

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