Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy Review

Do your little ones enjoy “helping out” in the kitchen? When you are cooking or preparing food, you like having your children around so you can keep an eye on them.

However, too many times what they think is helping you is actually slowing you down.

Why not boost your child’s motor skills development, independence, and color and letter identification skills by giving her a toy kitchen playset?

Bright Starts Get Cookin Kitchen Toy

In this Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy review, we will take a look at a popular toddler toy that does a lot more than just familiarize your child with the kitchen.

Where to buy Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy?

 Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy Features and Specs

* Brightly colored to hold your child’s attention
* Teaches letters, colors, fruit and vegetable identification
* Compatible with other Bright Starts Having a Ball toys
* Fun flip page book included
* Includes pretend pot, burner and blender

What’s Hot About the Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy?

This is a wonderful toy kitchen playset with an affordable price tag. All of the primary colors (and others) identify different elements of the “kitchen”, as well as individual components.

A play blender spins balls around, there is a light switch your child can turn on and off, and the icemaker feature dispenses colored balls instead of ice. There are dozens of melodies and phrases, songs and sounds which your little one hears whenever she interacts with different parts of the kitchen.

Parents will appreciate that this is a self-contained, folding playset. When the balls are put in place, the kit snaps together for easy storage and portability. Budget toy shoppers will also like the attractive price tag, which makes multiple purchases possible for several children.

There are 10 separate activities your toddler can enjoy, and the accompanying flipbook teaches your child fruit and vegetable identification. Product dimensions run 17 x 7.5 x 14 inches and 3 AA batteries are required for operation (batteries are included). Batteries run for approximately 2.5 hours of continuous operation.

Included features – Pot, burner, blender, flip book, play kitchen, ice dispenser, milk jug, light switch, faucet and 6 colored plastic balls.

Why It’s Not so Hot

If there is any downside to this wonderful play kitchen set, it is the fact that it probably will not hold the attention of children much older than 3 or 4 years of age.

This durably constructed multi-featured play kitchen is however a value-conscious purchase that is perfect for children from 12 to 36 or 48 months.

Who Is the Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy Perfect For?

For budget conscious moms and dads, grandmothers and other gift givers, the Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy makes a smart purchase. It teaches color and letter identification.

Children also learn how to match shapes and sizes, how to identify common vegetables and fruits, and their fine motor skills are developed.

They benefit from a feeling of independence, since they can use the small toy kitchen on their own. This is a perfect purchase as a low-cost toddlers toy that teaches many important skills while your child just plays and has fun.

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