Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro Review

Straight from the Disney’s big screen outing of Big Hero 6 comes the huge Baymax and his partner Hiro. Using all of Baymax’s fantastic weapons and skills under the direction of Hiro, your job is to save the city of San Fransokyo!

Big Hero 6 Deluxe Flying Baymax

Standing at a commanding 11 inches tall, Baymax strikes an imposing figure against any and all baddies. With sound effects straight from the movie, Baymax will even start talking when Hiro jumps on his back as they fly together. Release Baymax’s pop up wings to reveal their 18 inch wingspan which allows our heroes to fly through the sky in search of bad guys!

Features of the Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro
•    11 inch Baymax
•    4.5 inch Hiro Hamada
•    3 AAA batteries required (included)
•    Flying and battle sounds
•    Pop up wings with 18 inch wingspan
•    Ages 4 and up

Is the Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro Worth Buying?

Although this is sold as a set with both Baymax and Hiro, Baymax is the real hero of this toy. The Hiro figure stands 4.5 inches tall, but the characters movements are severely restricted. His position is rigid to match his position when he gets on Baymax’s back. This is the only downside to an otherwise fantastic toy.

Baymax himself is fantastic. With Hiro on his back, Baymax talks to his partner. When Hiro is not on his back, Baymax makes battle and flying sounds straight out of the Big Hero 6 film. His limbs are posable and, despite his accurately small feet, he can stand freely in position. When his pop up wings are released, they span an impressive 18 inches tip to tip, making him not only a fun toy, but a striking model. And if that wasn’t enough, Baymax can even launch a flying fist at his opponents!

What is really impressive here is the build quality. Baymax is extremely durable and very well made, allowing for energetic and imaginative play. Children will love to incorporate both Baymax and Hiro into elaborate stories involving numerous other toys. 3 AAA batteries are required and included in the pack, and these will last quite a while as the toy is not battery heavy. For fans of Big Hero 6, this is a real no brainer. Baymax is brilliantly imagined here, and will undoubtedly become the centre of attention come playtime.

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