38″ Blue Student Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Review

Musical instruments come with a huge number of educational benefits to children. However, you don’t always want to spend the money on a full sized adult guitar that could get broken or left around to gather dust. This is where the 38″ Blue Student Acoustic Guitar Starter Package comes in – is it the perfect guitar for kids just getting started? Let’s find out.

BLUE Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

Key Features of the Student Acoustic Guitar:

  • Comes in 11 colors to choose from
  • Includes guitar bag cover, Extra Strings, Extra Picks, Neck Strap, and Pitch Pipe Tuner
  • Perfect size for both children and adults

Should You Buy the 38″ Blue Student Acoustic Guitar Starter Package?

Pros: The main reasons why parents will choose the 38″ Blue Student Acoustic Guitar Starter Package is the cost. Not only do you get the guitar, but you also get a gig bag, strap, pitch pip e and guitar pick – making it a really complete package. This is pretty much everything the new guitar player could need, all in one package.

There are 11 different vibrant colors to choose from which is sure to please any player of any age. The size of the instrument is perfect for both adults and older children, and guitar lessons can be emailed from the manufacturer to the buyer upon request.

Cons: It is true the price is cheap, but the same could be said for the quality of the guitar as well. Some people said that the paint chipped off easily or there was paint where it should not have been, like the frets. The frets and other parts of the neck of the guitar were not always made up to par and sometimes were found to have fallen off and had to be glued back on.

The guitar does come with a lot of accessories, but some buyers could not attach the strap and had to buy better strings. Others complained that the guitar would not stay in tune or the sound quality overall was just not that great.

The 38″ Blue Student Acoustic Guitar Starter Package is definitely not the highest quality guitar on the market, but it also does not promise to be either. This is a great starter instruments for kids who may or may not become bored, or dislike, playing the guitar and if the latter happens, at least there is no big monetary loss involved. However, if someone is looking for a great sounding guitar that will last a lifetime, it may be worth shopping around and shelling out the extra cash.

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