How To Increase Your Fertility Naturally

Having a baby might feel like a very normal and natural thing for a young couple to do. However, the process is actually quite complex, requiring the coordination of health, wellness, hormones as well as sperm and egg meeting up at just the right time.

increase your fertility

Having problems conceiving can make the pregnancy process much more aggravating and frustrating than it needs to be. There are several ways to increase your fertility naturally, which will in turn increase the chances that you will become pregnant.

Some of the methods might just seem like common sense and more natural than other techniques.  However, when they are combined, they can improve the chances that you will have a brand new baby nine months from now.

Get Rid of All Barriers

The first step towards increasing your fertility is to get rid of all barriers to conception.  You should of course stop using all birth control methods, including the pill.  Also assess any other medications that you might be taking in terms of how they might effect your fertility.

Consult with your doctor about the medications you are currently taking.  If you have an underlying medical condition that you are treating pharmacologially, there might be other options available to use that won’t affect your fertility.

Eat Healthy Foods

Lifestyle choices can also affect fertility.  A study that was published in Obstetrics and Gynecology showed a link between eating a healthy diet and lowered risk for infertility.  In the study, women who didn’t follow at least five healthy lifestyle factors that had been identified had an 8% higher risk of infertility when compared with the women who did practice those lifestyle choices in order to increase their fertility and overall health. source

Maintain a Healthy Weight

You can improve your fertility by maintaining an overall healthy weight.  So if you are overweight that means losing weight, and if you happen to be underweight it means gaining weight.

The amount of fat that your body stores affects your hormone levels.  If there is an excess amount of fat cells, this affects how hormones interact and are released inside your body.  If there is an insufficient amount of fat stores, the hormones that are released are of sub optimal quality.

Avoid Trans Fats and Excessive Sugar

Trans fatty acids, refined carbohydrates and excessive sugar all affect the body’s hormonal system and immune system.  When a woman is attempting to conceive, they can impact who ovulation is coordinated as well.

Eat Your Greens

Making improvements to your diet can increase your chances of becoming pregnant.  Eating foods that are rich in fiber, getting more of your protein from vegetables instead of eating a lot of meat and taking a multivitamin are also things you can do to have a healthier diet.

Vegetable proteins have fewer calories and are lower in fat.  They are also easier for the body to digest and absorb.  Foods that are rich in fiber will lower your chances of becoming constipated and get rid of toxins that tend to build up in your lower intestines.

Get Moving

Exercise also affects your hormonal system and contributes to your overall health. It also decreases stress, which is another important factor in your fertility.

Use Full Fat Dairy

Dairy products are nutritionally important.  There was also a recent study that showed that consuming full fat dairy might help to increase fertility more than eating nonfat or low-fat dairy products.  Keep in mind, though, that these are full of saturated fats and calories, so stick to 1 small portion daily. source

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a habit that significantly impacts fertility.  Cigarette smoke affects both women and men’s reproductive systems, whether it is directly inhaled or from secondhand smoke.

There are more than 250 mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds in cigarettes, meaning there are more than 250 chemicals in cigarettes that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

British researchers found that women’s ability to conceive was diminished by two thirds from smoking.  It also has a long lasting substance that concentrates inside the ovaries which affects conception.

A study conducted at the University of Iowa showed that cigarette smoke decreases estrogen levels and the number of eggs.  Estrogen is the hormone that makes a woman’s cervix be more receptive to sperm and produces fertile mucus.

The body’s ability to absorb certain vitamin is another thing that smoking interferes with.  Smoking interferes with both men and women’s bodies to absorb vitamin C.  When men’s bodies have decreased levels of vitamin C, it affects their ability to produce vital sperm.  A study conducted in Galveston, Texas found that vitamin C levels could be improved through supplementation in one week and that sperm health could fully recover within three months.

Choose the Right Season for Conception

One fertility fact that is interesting has to do with seasonal changes. Although the changing seasons do not greatly impact modern society, the human body does still respond to seasonal changes.  Research has shown that the quantity and quality of men’s semen peaks at the end of winter and beginning of spring. It is possible that the pineal or pituitary glands might be more active at those times of year which could affect the production of sperm and the uterus’ endometrial layer.

Track Your Fertility

You can also use a fertility chart to determine when you are most fertile. A basal body temperature thermometer can be used to take your temperature before getting up in the morning. If you chart your results, you can often determine which days your ovulation has occurred. This will enable you to understand precisely when you are your most fertile and can help you with your conception process.

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