5 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect

At 5 weeks pregnant, you know that your menstruation is late and may suspect you’re pregnant. With the pregnancy tests that are available over-the-counter, you probably already have taken one and got a positive. You may have gotten a negative, but will use the second test this week or next week and it will soon confirm that you are pregnant.

5 weeks pregnant

Your Body At 5 Weeks Pregnant

Even though your body doesn’t show any signs of pregnancy, it is working really hard. It is important that almost every calorie counts towards providing you with what you need so in turn, the baby will receive everything it needs to grow and develop into a health baby.

Calories should be increased by 300-500 calories depending on your activity level. Protein, which helps with skin elasticity, should be increased by about a hundred grams/3 oz.

Though the baby is barely measurable, you may notice bloating. Your breasts may continue to enlarge. Mild morning sickness may begin. Women with morning sickness usually have it mildly at the beginning and at its peak last all day, before tapering off about the end of the third month of pregnancy.  Crackers or seltzer water may provide relief. See what works for you.

Fatigue may begin right away. Stay away from caffeine and other stimulants because they may harm the developing baby.

Your Baby At 5 Weeks Pregnant

The following begins developing in the 5th week of pregnancy:

  • Central nervous system
  • Muscles
  • Bones
  • Heart will begin to form
  • Early skeletal development

The baby’s he5 weeks pregnant babyart development is interesting. The changes that are occurring during 5 weeks pregnant include the heart beginning to divide into separate chambers and it starting to pump blood. It is formed from the middle layer of cells called the mesoderm.

The other organs that will develop from the middle layer include the muscles, cartilage and bone.

A primitive placenta and umbilical cord are also developing. In the top layer of cells called the ectoderm, the neural tube starts developing.

The skin, hair, nails and sweat glands will also develop out of this layer of cells. The lungs, intestines, thyroid and pancreas will develop from a third layer of cells called the endoderm.

Your Life At 5 Weeks Pregnant

Early in a pregnancy, things can go wrong. It may or may not be detected this early, though. Some of the uncommon pregnancy complications include the following:

Ectopic pregnancy-the egg implants outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube
Blighted pregnancy-the egg implants but stops developing or doesn’t develop at all
Molar pregnancy– there is an abnormally from conception and develops into an embryo that cannot survive

Deciding how and when to tell friends, family, co-workers, and even the person standing behind you in line at the grocery store, is a personal choice.

Though the risk of miscarriage is greatest during the first 12 weeks, keeping the pregnancy a secret can cause you to miss out on weeks of sharing your joy and excitement or even your fears and concerns (most common with an unplanned pregnancy).

In the event you are among the few women who’s pregnancy end with a miscarriage, it will be easier to get through with the love and support of those close to you.

What to do this week: Visit a ob-gyn as soon as you suspect you’re pregnant

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