38 Weeks Pregnant ~ What To Expect?

There really is something to all the talk about “nesting”, so don’t be surprised if you have a sudden burst of energy. Get the last minute stuff done and spend time with your partner and with your family; that is what the energy is for! At 38 weeks pregnant, labor can begin at any time.

38 weeks pregnant - What To Expect

Your Body At 38 Weeks Pregnant

During the last weeks, there won’t be many changes in you other than the baby’s position. Your baby will drop into the birth canal to prepare for his or her entrance into the world. Discomfort and trips to the rest room will increase. If pregnancy were too comfortable, no one would ever want to go through labor. This is the time to transition from a pregnant woman to a mom. Loosing your mucus plug doesn’t guarantee eminent labor, but it does mean to be prepared and more alert to the signs of labor.

Your Baby’s Development At 38 Weeks Pregnant

baby at 38 weeks of pregnancyYour baby won’t grow much in length before delivery but will add a few more ounces and be nearly 7 pounds. Your baby will continue to strengthen his or her lungs. The brain and nerve functions mature as the birth nears.

Meconium is building up in your baby. It is the black, tarry, sticky first baby poo. It is all the waste it has accumulated before birth.

The decision to circumcise or not should be informed. Your baby will be strapped down and without medication have the adhesions cut from between his penis and the foreskin. Then the foreskin cut off his penis. All procedures carry risks. There are some studies that show there is an increase in cervical cancer with partners of uncircumcised males. Complete and thorough research is not available. Cervical cancer has been related to some sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and maybe girls should be raised to be safe instead of circumcising baby boys. Women without breasts have a reduced risk of breast cancer, but you wouldn’t think of removing them at birth. By the time your son is grown, there may be different information available, foreskin can’t be reattached if you made a mistake. Don’t automatically agree to circumcise your son.

Your Life At 38 Weeks Pregnant

If you have been putting off seeing the birthing center or packing you’re your hospital bag, you are running out of time! Make the time to do it now. This could be the week you go into labor! If you are still putting it off, maybe talk about your fears of labor, delivery, or parenthood because if there are unresolved issues or other stress factors, you body may hold back the hormones needed to begin labor. Reaching a calm, peaceful, and accepting place will aide in labor beginning and going more smoothly.

There is never a perfect time to deliver, but you can make it a perfect time by trusting in yourself. Relax and know you have what you need to face the new life ahead of you.

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