35 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect?

Your baby is now about 5 lbs and 20 inches long.

You probably can’t believe that in about a month, you will be holding your newborn baby.

Read on tho see what it’s like to be 35 weeks pregnant.

35 weeks pregnant

Your Body At 35 Weeks Pregnant

It is no surprise that all your insides have rearranged to accommodate the baby, you have felt the growing pains and “moving in” pains.

The baby is growing to a size that even your heart will be moved over some.

It is nothing to be concerned about, your body was designed to create, carry, and deliver a baby!

The shortness of breath is common now as the baby continues to put pressure on the lungs. This is a natural barrier so you are unable to over exert yourself, you simply will get too out of breath.

The discomforts have increased as you enter the home stretch. You will be able to live with them and tolerate them until the end of your pregnancy. Hang in there.

Your Baby’s Development At 35 Weeks Pregnant

baby at 35 weeks pregnantThe baby can’t move much and movements will be more like rolls, pokes, and kicks.

Not only will you be very ready to deliver by the time the day arrives, the baby will be ready to leave the restrictive uterus to be able to really stretch out again.

A breech baby may turn at this point, but as the baby grows, the less likely this is to happen.

The suckle reflex should be very strong at this point. The lack of space to really move around will help the baby add fat that is needed to regulate his or her body temperature outside the womb.

The liver is producing waste products and the first poop is being created.

Your Life At 35 Weeks Pregnant

Review your childbirth class lessons. Work on building self-confidence in your ability to labor, give birth, and be a parent.

Anxious women may give birth prematurely or not go into labor. A calm confident mom will have a smooth labor and delivery.

No matter what happens around you, it is your attitude that decides if the baby will feel the stress and either decides to hurry up and get out because it is safer or stay inside where it is safer.

Fit in some alone time with your partner and your kids. It will give you something to talk about and remember when the baby is consuming most of the attention.

Talk about the fun and realistic changes that will occur after the birth. Present it in a positive light. Remind children that they had the same attention and it will be the baby’s turn when he or she is born.

Banish fears of the labor, delivery, and future with realistic knowledge and information. Hang out with moms who enjoy being a mom and have successfully adjusted with a positive attitude.

It will rub off on you.

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