31 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect

Moving along into the third trimester, you only have 9 more weeks to go at 31 weeks pregnant!

31 weeks pregnant

Your Body At 31 Weeks Pregnant

Your Braxton Hicks contractions will be preparing your body and you for the birth of your baby. Positive talk about your ability to go through labor and delivery will prepare your attitude.

Breasts may become larger and leak colostrums. If you are leaking a lot, put nursing pads in your bra to avoid embarrassing wet spots on clothes.

Sleeping can be more difficult as you approach your due date. When you can’t sleep, try to still get some rest in. If you must get up, avoid cleaning the house and read a book instead.

Creatively placed pillows or a maternity pillow can help with comfort while sleeping.

baby at 31 weeks pregnantYour Baby At 31 Weeks Pregnant

The baby can be gaining as much as 1/2 a pound a week. By 31 weeks pregnant the baby will be a little over 3.5 pounds and around 17 inches long.

In the more confining quarters, your baby will have his or her legs drawn close in what is known as the fetal position. All five senses are functioning. The lungs are the only system that is not fully developed for the outside world.

Your Life At 31 Weeks Pregnant

Childbirth classes take on different personalities from friendly and casual to clinical and serious. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other parents with and without childbirth experience. Classes can be a wonderful source of information, but always remember that even though your pregnancy and birth may be similar in many ways to others, it is still your own unique experience.

Consider all information you receive, but be sure to sort and sift the information and keep what is best for you and your family while setting the rest aside (it might be helpful in future pregnancies or to share with friends).

Time is winding down in your pregnancy. Remember that pregnancy is something you may only experience once in your life or at most a handful of times. Enjoy the rest of the time and see past the discomforts and concerns to make the most of it.

Don’t forget:

Take lots of pregnancy pictures.

Be sure to spend some time cuddling and being close with your partner before you get up in the morning.

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