30 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect

At 30 weeks pregnant there is no denying it: You have begun your third trimester and you are heading towards the finish line.

Enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy. Life will change after the baby is born. Make the most of your time.

30 weeks pregnant

Your Body At 30 Weeks Pregnant

Be aware of the signs of pre-eclampsia (toxemia) because it is a serious risk to both mom and baby. Only a small percentage of women get it, but you should still be alert to the signs and symptoms.

Your skin may be erupting like when you were a teen in response to the changes in hormones. Be cautious with topical treatments because the medication may find its way to the baby. Check with your doctor if you’re not sure.

Hemorrhoids may become common. Increasing fluids, vegetables, etc. will assist in more regular and smaller bowl movements to ease the problem. Hemorrhoids may persist after the birth.

Try to take naps to make up for the lack of sleep at night due to discomfort or trips to the restroom.

Joints loosen and feet may increase in size. It is your body’s way of staying balanced and upright with the added weight in front.

Breasts will also be growing. Be sure to have a supportive and properly fitting maternity bra.

baby at 30 weeks pregnantYour Baby’s Development At 30 Weeks Pregnant

Your three-pound baby is about 17 inches long at 30 weeks pregnant. Some body parts like a foot or bottom may become easy to recognize as it pushes against the uterus and sticks out from your belly.

Amniotic fluid is decreasing as the baby takes up more space in the uterus. The brain will be rapidly developing with wrinkles and folds forming.

The bone marrow is the sole producer of blood cells. The downy hair covering is being shed due to fat being able to help regulate temperature and nails are completely developed now. The eyes are functioning.

Your Life At 30 Weeks Pregnant

Large shirts will not be able to double as maternity clothes forever. Invest in a nice top or two and elegant maternity dresses. They will come in handy for when you have a social function.

Even the stretchiest pants may not get you through the last couple months. Have maternity pants on hand. It will be harder to shop when you feel huge and fat and can’t fit into anything.

It will help your pregnancy self image to have a couple nice outfits to wear at the end of the pregnancy. The clothes can always be passed on to a pregnant friend or donated to a women’s shelter.

It won’t be a waste of money.

It is a good time to start exploring day care options if you will be returning to work. Be sure to consider all costs and expenses of returning to work and compare it to actual income that will be made. You may discover you might want to reconsider the back to work plan.

Be sure you know the full details of maternity leave and the affects on benefits if you are currently working. Start to arrange for help with other children and the house those first couple weeks when your body is healing. That way when dad comes home, he can spend time with the family.

Prepare yourself for not being able to physically do what you use to. Enjoy the break!

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