2 Weeks Pregnant (Conception Period)

You are the determining factor when it comes to how your baby is going to grow in this time. In the first week of pregnancy, you will have a lot of estrogen and that will cause your uterus to gain a lining full of blood where it can house a fertilized egg of yours. During this increase in estrogen and uterus change, your ovaries are going to have eggs getting ready in which are called follicles. When you ovulate, you eggs are ready and once fertilized; they flow right into the Fallopian tube.

2 weeks pregnant

Now, for 12-24 hours, your egg will be fertilizing and if the normal 1 out of 250 million sperm that are swimming around find their way to the uterus and manages to reach the egg, then you will be pregnant. Out of the 250 million, only 400 actually survive the journey but only one will power through them all and succeed. After a 20 minute struggle, the battle is over.

For 30 ours after the sperm has buried its way through, it will combine its nucleus with the eggs. If the sperm is Y chromosome, t will be a baby boy. A sperm that has an X chromosome, this will be a girl. Over the next three days, the egg will travel and then break into 6 different sections. The egg is now called a zygote until it reaches the uterus. The name of the egg then turns into a morula. After a couple of days, the morula will making its way to the lush lining that your uterus has created and will continue to grow at a fast pace. You baby at this time is only little balls of cells that scientists call blastocyst. At this time the amniotic sac is being created and a port for the baby’s waste to travel.

You life’s changing. But how?

12-16 days ago, you had your last period start. This means that you are ovulating now or possibly soon. You doctor measures your day that you will deliver from the first day of your last period. Funny how that is isn’t it? Normally your pregnancy will last for about 38 weeks from your conceiving the child. However, this has not been proven yet how to exactly tell when you should deliver, doctors round it up to 40 weeks to be safe. So in a fact you are already 2 weeks pregnant when you go see your doctor.

Every woman is different on the ways the ovulation process goes. To have a higher chance of conceptions, it is best to have intercourse at least 72 hours before you ovulate and 24 hours after. The reason for the hours is that you are calculating the life of the sperm that will be swimming around. If you want to get pregnant, you cannot procrastinate on these times. Save the date that way you and your partner will have enough time.

But before you jump at the chance to go to the room and start the deed, you need to perform some research first. You need to read different books or surf the internet on the best way to detect when you are ovulating. This will also allow you to get some positions that will help conception and determine the sex of your child to be. Most couples have to try a couple of times before they actually can have a baby forming inside of you. So, don’t make those baby announcements yet.

Are there any sexual positions better than others for conception?

Although there is no scientific proof of any positions that will guarantee conception of a the baby you want, there are many who claim that positions that place the sperm close to the cervix is the perfect for conception. This has been said to work for many people.

Should I stay lying down after intercourse?

15 minutes should do the trick as many have confirmed. Remember that everyone is different and it is impossible to tell whether or not this will work. If you remain lying down, the semen is remaining in the vagina, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Remember that there are millions of sperm that was released, so a few won’t hurt your chances if you get up.

Will having an orgasm help the chance of conception?

There is no actual evidence behind this just as the others, but there are people who feel that this does increase your chances of conception. With everything you do with conception, is what has worked for other people. It doesn’t mean that it will happen to you.

Having an orgasm is not needed if you want to conceive a child. However, the contractions that are caused from a female orgasm help the sperm move through the maze to the fallopian tubes. During times of ovulation, your body will naturally have contractions. This is perfectly normal. The most important factor is timing. Having sex a day or two before ovulation and again on the day of ovulation. That will increase your chances greatly.

Most importantly, if you are trying to get yourself pregnant, you need to stop drinking, smoking, taking drugs, this includes over-the-counter medicines. You need to stop this behavior if you want your body to be in good shape for the baby. You need to contract your primary care physician if you are taking prescription medications. You need to make sure that they are ok to take. Finally, remember to take vitamins to reduce the chance of having birth defects in you child.

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