17 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect

At 17 weeks pregnant you continue to adjust to the changes occurring to your body. This is a good time to buy your other children a new book about babies that are geared towards their level of understanding.

17 weeks pregnant

Your Body At 17 Weeks Pregnant

Your organs, including your intestines, are being moved gradually to the sides. Your body is designed to accommodate a baby and even though the changes may cause some temporary discomfort, no harm is caused.

Healthy weight gain should be maintained. Not enough weight gain or weight gain from unhealthy foods can put you and the baby at risk.

Your uterus is now just about at your belly button. The increase in estrogen causes more blood to flow to the genital area and is the reason for the normal increase in vaginal discharge. Panty liners are the safest option if it starts wetting your undergarments.

Your Baby’s Development At 17 Weeks Pregnant

baby at 17 weeks pregnantYour baby is a little less than 5 inches long at 17 weeks pregnant and weighs about 3.5 ounces. At 17 weeks pregnant, you baby is ready for a growth spurt and will probably gain six times his or her current weight during the next month.

Your baby is very mobile at this stage of development. Music can be played to your baby. The nails are growing on both the toes and fingers.

Your Life At 17 Weeks Pregnant

Rubbing your tummy in calming circular motions is believed to aid in the bonding between you and your baby. As the baby grows and presses against your abdomen, you will be able to touch the baby directly.

Do what you can to reduce stress in your home, work, and personal lives. For stress that cannot be eliminated improve your relaxing skills because stress can negatively impact your pregnancy and your baby.

Many babies sleep in their parent’s room when young and have their own room for the changing table, their clothes, and toys. When choosing a room color for your baby, think versatile. Add the cute baby designs to bedding, wall décor, removable wallpaper boarder, and curtains. It is best to skip the baby duck wallpaper or bright pink room.

It is hard enough to try to paint before the baby is born; it is even harder with a toddler who wants to help. Choose easy to clean items for the baby’s room.

Remember you are someone’s partner and you may also be a mom already to other children, not just a pregnant lady. Do little things to remind your partner and children how important they are to you.

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