7 Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is said to be a very beneficial exercise during pregnancy. Following are some reasons why Yoga is indicated in pregnancy, how to get into it, and some ways it helps.

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

A Whole Person Approach

Some pregnant women have said that the whole-person approach was one of the best aspects of the Yoga class. Yoga does not just focus on the physical body, as, for example, an aerobics class might. Yoga also prepares and calms the mind and, for some, the spirit.

Many women appreciate this aspect of Yoga during a time when their emotions are often all over the place. This kind of whole-person approach also helps some women feel supported.

How to Get Involved with Yoga during Pregnancy

You can enroll in a Yoga class in your community, but it’s a good idea to enroll in a specifically prenatal class. Not only will you feel more supported among other pregnant women, but the instructor will have the class structured with pregnant moms’ needs in mind.

Alternatively, you could buy a DVD or view online tutorials on prenatal Yoga.

7 Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

* Breath control – This is part of Yoga, even “regular” Yoga that is not geared toward pregnant women. The breathing exercises may prove invaluable during labor, helping you focus and keep calm.

* Body control – Yoga is said to enhance your control over your body and mind, along with a healthy acceptance of those things you can’t control. Prenatal Yoga instructors know that there are things that simply can’t be controlled during labor, and teaching women about accepting this reality can promote a sense of peace.It can be very stressful, after all, to put a lot of energy into trying to control something you can’t!

* Muscle strength – There are some key muscles that Yoga can strengthen, particularly the lower back muscles. This may make carrying your baby easier and more comfortable.

* Muscle flexibility – Being able to have supple, flexible legs, back, shoulders, and other key muscles groups can make a big difference in labor.

* Partner preparation – Many prenatal Yoga classes include your birth partner. This not only helps the pregnant woman feel supported; it can also prepare the partner as to what to expect.

* Increased confidence – As noted above, learning to control various aspects of one’s body and mind is part of Yoga. This can help build confidence as you go into labor.

* Keep calm – Yoga instructors help students learn to cultivate an inner peace and calm, which may prove invaluable during labor. Knowing how to tap into those inner reserves can make a big difference between a labor you’re happy with and one you’re not.

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