Expecting Twins? How to Prepare for Multiple Births

So you’re having twins! In addition to excitement, you may feel a little apprehensive. Having a plan can help set your mind at ease. Here are some preparatory suggestions for having twins.

expecting twins

Pregnancy Nutrition

You should expect to gain anywhere from 35 to 45 pounds while pregnant with twins, and even more may be considered normal. Experts recommend doubling the recommended calories from the 300 additional during a single pregnancy to 600. As long as it is nutritious food, this extra caloric intake will do you and your twins a lot of good.


* Stroller – Parents of twins say that a double stroller is essential. However, a single stroller could work if you can carry the other twin in a sling or other carrier. Just think through which would fit with your lifestyle, and what style of double stroller (if any) would suit you best.

* Car seats – You have to have two car seats; it’s not safe to transport your twins any other way. The seats don’t have to match, though; as long as safety requirements are met, you can pick up car seats at yard sales or borrow them from friends.

* Furniture – You don’t have to have two of everything in the twins’ nursery. A single dresser, changing table, and rocking chair are fine. Even one crib will do at first. But eventually, sources say you need a second crib as your twins get bigger and more mobile.

* Clothing – Doubling up on clothing is going to be necessary, since both twins will need to be dressed at the same time! This is another good time to invest in used clothing and hand-me-downs. Again, the twins’ clothing does not have to match.

In-Home Help

Having twins may pose twice the challenge, depending on the nature of the babies. Some mothers get exhausted because one twin is awake when the other is asleep, and vice versa. Others say it’s not a big deal because both babies have a similar sleep and feeding schedule.

Since you don’t know what kind of babies your twins will be, arrange ahead of time for some in-home help, whether it’s a friend, family member, or neighbor. If you can’t afford to pay someone and there are no family members who can help, then consider saving money now for some help later.

Baby-proof Now

It’s easy to say you’ll get to baby-proofing once the twins start moving around, but you’ll find out that once they begin moving, you never stop! In other words, you may not have time to baby-proof if you wait until it’s necessary. So do as much baby-proofing as you can before the twins arrive.


Seek out support from others who have or are expecting twins or multiples. Whether it’s a childbirth class or online community, connecting with others in the same situation can be very helpful. You can ask questions, make friends, and find resources among the community.

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