Why Kids Should Avoid Fad Diets

fad diets

Fad diets are restrictive and often cut out important parts of your daily nutrition, and some of them even take away calories that will leave a person feeling starved. This is the case for everyone, but imagine a child that is growing. A growing child needs plenty of nutrients and additional calories. They just need to concentrate on eating them in a balanced manner. Many children often do not like to diversify their foods early on, so you must teach them this way of healthy eating.

You might think it’s okay for you to pursue a fad diet as an adult, but do you realize that children do as they see? In other words, they learn how to treat dieting and eating habits by what they see their parents do themselves. So it’s important that you model balanced eating for them. They are much less likely to pursue unhealthy eating habits and bad diets if they do not see people around them that they love doing that same thing.

Children are often prone to eating food and consuming drinks that are high in sugar. Instead of allowing them to be drawn in by fad diets, help them work on cutting down on these and other unhealthy processed foods. Tell them about eating whole foods within the range of fruits and vegetables available to them. Also, teach them how important it is to remain active, and engage in physical exercise with them. Physical exercise can be made fun, but in this day and age of video games and other electronic devices commanding the attention of your children, you have to sometimes model this for them.

One other thing you can help to teach your children is about healthy snacking. While the day moves fast, you can help your children understand the importance of portioning and eating more often instead of eating those huge meals. This is especially important around dinner time, and of course your teaching them this can help them as they make decisions about eating at school. Children are allowed to ask for extra portions at school, but they should just stick with what is provided.

If your child needs further convincing that a fad diet is not acceptable for them, explain to them that it can actually cause their growth to slow down. Telling them their bodies aren’t getting the right nutrients essentially means this, but you have to make things life applicable for them. They definitely are not going to want their growth stunted.

Fad diets can also affect a child’s self esteem. As well, they are going to affect the energy levels of your children, which can affect relations with you as the parent as well as other individuals, including teachers and peers. Certain fad diets can also lead to deficiencies in a growing child that can do more than just stunt growth but actually cause an onset of certain physical conditions. Teach your children about these things and model the appropriate diet for them so that they grow up healthy and wise.

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