Move Over Paleo Diet, Here Comes The Werewolf Diet!

Have you been trying out the Paleo Diet and are getting tired of eating like a caveman all day? Check out the Werewolf Diet, reportedly being followed by celebrities like Madonna.

werewolf diet

The Werewolf Diet isn’t about fangs or silver bullets. It’s about the moon, which many believe pulls water in our bodies just like it pulls the tides. There are no real facts behind this, but people who follow this diet are advised to eat according to the moon cycles. This usually includes a fast or just some vegetables, but it’s mostly according to lunar phases.

People who love the diet will tell you that you can lose up to four pounds in a day. However, medical experts with various specialties will tell you that it’s usually much less than that, and the weight you do start off losing is water weight that is easy to gain back.

Basically, there are better ways to lose weight. Ways that are healthier and more efficient. Below we take a look at the better werewolf habits you can emulate.

Werewolf Diet Habits To Copy:

1. Stay active and be sure to exercise regularly. Go for a jog every day or do some sports in your backyard. Join a gym if it helps.

2. Be one with nature. Not only will the color green give you a boost in energy, but and outdoor setting keeps you mentally stimulated while working out.

3. Work out at night if you work late. Just because you work the night or third shift doesn’t mean you get out of exercising. 24 hour gyms exist for this reason. You get the added bonus of a less crowded place anyway.

4. Change up your style. You don’t have to lose weight in order to get a new, fun style. Go to the salon and get your hair done or go out and buy some new clothes. Buy things that will boost your confidence so you’re more inspired to keep working out.

5. Learn to love yourself. Ever notice how quickly those werewolves want to rip off their clothes in front of everyone? Don’t go quite that far, but you can still appreciate your body. Losing weight is a gift to your health and self-esteem, not a terrible punishment.

6. Land on all of your feet. Werewolves don’t let much stand in their way. Take challenges head on and don’t get discouraged if you fail.

7. Let out your roars. Speaking or singing loudly is great catharsis when you feel down. Just make it’s an appropriate setting.

8. Pay it forward. Werewolves used to be the bad guys, but now they’re quickly becoming the heroes. Do good deeds and try your best to be a good person. This will relieve stress and give you some peace of mind in your life.

Werewolf Diet Habits That Can Inspire You To Do the Opposite  :

1. Early to bed, early to rise. Werewolves are nocturnal creatures, but people tend to get in trouble during those hours. Going to bed early helps you stay well rested, which makes you happier and helps you lose weight.

2. Face your appetite. You need to learn to eat slower. This will be easier on your stomach and also keep you from overeating.

3. Don’t overexert yourself. Listen to your body if it’s telling you that you’re pushing yourself to the physical or emotional extreme. If you have to, switch to low impact workouts.

4. Talk to your doctor. The lone wolves out there might not need doctors, but you do. Your doctor can help you point out problems you may have never noticed before.

You can admire werewolves from afar, but steer clear of the Werewolf Diet. There are more tried and true ways to manage your weight.

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