The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine Third Edition

Natural cures have been the way to treat diseases for centuries. For example, simple treatments like ginger root can alleviate stomach aches and vitamin E can help improve blood sugar levels and aid in the treatment of diabetes.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
In fact, there’s a natural treatment for just about any condition you or your family members might be dealing with. Natural remedies don’t take the place of a doctor’s care. However, they can help you manage minor conditions and increase your recovery.

Think about all of the natural remedies you already use at home. You might make peppermint tea when you have a stomach ache or take vitamin C when you feel a cold coming on. The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine can be your go to guide for treating what ails you and your family members.

The Encyclopedia shows you how to prevent disease by enhancing your body’s systems. You’ll learn the major causes and symptoms for each condition and have detailed summaries on natural treatments. This third edition, is a vast collection of the most up to date information. It’s a great addition to your home library.

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