Strength Training Tips for Beginners

Great! We congratulate your decision to start strength training. Are you wondering how to begin and how to do the right training to strength the right muscles. Don’t worry we will guide you. It is a great way to maintain your overall health. If you have tried diet and cardio and weren’t happy about the result, maybe the strength training is the answer for you. You may get the results you desire.

strength training tips for beginners

“Saying is one thing, doing another.” So how you start? Have you joined the gym? Ok,  let’s start from the basics.

Master The Basics Of Gym Etiquette

* When you finished using gym equipment, always wipe down and keep it clean.

* Keep the equipment in the same way before you used it. Take away extra weights you put on and put the dumbbells back.

* You are not the only one at the gym. Make sure you don’t hog a equipment. If you are not using it just leave and don’t have a break there.

* You are there for work out and not for talking on your cell phone. Leave your phone in your locker or in your car.

Now you mastered the gym etiquette! Let’s move on to how you work out.

How To Work Hard And Stay Safe

* Don’t be trapped with unrealistic expectation. Heavier the weight you lift stronger you get… No, that’s wrong! If you lift too heavy weights, it can cause injury. I recommend to start with lighter weight and gradually weighing up to find the right weight for you.

* On the other hand, if the weights  are too light, you will not get  good results. If you can easily do 30 reps, that means they are too light. Try to increase the weight by 5%. If you feel it is too heavy, just go back down a little.

* It is not a competition. You won’t gain anything by lifting weight fast. Keep it steady and concentrate the motions to get the best results.

* Keep in mind that you rest between reps. General rule for resting is 30 to 90 seconds. Neither too long nor too short would be good for you.

* Keep focused. You need to stay alert so you won’t run into a wall or tripped over a dumbbell. In order to avoid these gym accidents, keep your eyes open and focused. They are not only embarrasing but also painful.

How To Train

*Set a realistic goal attainable for you, like lifting a certain amount of weight. So it is easier for you to focus on your goal and move forward. Still always try to push the bar a bit further and see how you go.

*One of the most important thing is consistency. Don’t give up even if you don’t see the results immediately. The chances are you never going to see the results. Set a training schedule which is realistic for you and just keep on doing it. Then the day will come that you see the results.

* Get an experienced trainer. A good trainer will help you with your training form and maximizing the results. He will advise you how to prevent injury as well.

If you follow the key points we mentioned above, you will have a good chance of getting the results you want and maintaining a healthy body. So are you ready? Let’s start the strength training.

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