Skin Cancer Aftercare Tips

Despite the torturous journey, there is always a glow of triumph after completing a skin cancer treatment successfully.

More so, you are officially a cancer survivor.

Skin Cancer aftercare tips

Being a survivor does not mean that you are out of the woods. However, not being out of the woods yet does not mean you need to be in constant fear of cancer re-occurrence.

When you take appropriate care of yourself after the treatment, then you have nothing to worry about.

Appropriate care involves keeping a close eye on your skin and having regular medical checks.

Taking appropriate care of yourself after skin cancer treatment ensures there will be an early detection of any re-occurrence; hence, nipping it in the bud.

Here are some few insightful skin cancer aftercare tips on how to ensure you take appropriate care of yourself;

1. The First Five Years

Cancer specialists point out that cancer recurrent possibility is highest in the first five years after treatment.

Consequently, it is imperatively crucial to be watchful in the five years after your treatment.

It is worth mentioning that being watchful does not mean being anxious.

2. Honor Follow-Up Appointments

Making sure that you honor all your follow-up appointment plays a focal role in skin cancer aftercare.

It would be wise that you liaise with your doctor so that you come up with a feasible appointment schedule that will be convenient for you.

Generally, depending on the kind of care you had, your doctor will want to see you in every 3 to 6 months or even once annually.

During the appointments, the doctor will conduct some tests on your lymph nodes and a thoroughgoing check on your skin. CT scanning might also feature during your appointment.

3. Sun Protection

Being a skin cancer survivor does not mean that you have to give up an outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

However, it is recommended that you take precautions when you when you are outside in the sun.

Using a good sunscreen and covering vulnerable areas with clothing are prime examples of taking precautions for skin cancer aftercare.

4. Diet

After the treatment, it would be important to come up with a healthy diet strategy. Ensure that the foods you include in your diet strategy have cancer-fighting nutrients.

Including vitamin and mineral supplements would also be very helpful.

You can work with a nutritional specialist when formulating your dietary strategy as they have more information on foods that will help reduce risk of a cancer recurrence.

5. Exercise

Having a regular exercising routine helps in promoting your overall well-being, which is very crucial when avoiding cancer re-occurrence.

You can collaborate with a physical therapist to make sure that you come up with an efficient exercising routine.

6. Chemicals

Apparently, sun is not the only blame for triggering skin cancer.

After all the sun has been around since the beginning of time, and it is only recently that skin cancer has emerged.

Consequently, it would be important to research whether there are chemicals that you have been exposing your skin to that might trigger skin cancer.

It could be the chemicals in the food you take, the products you use on your skin or even the chemicals in your clothing.

Ensuring that you have an excellent skin cancer aftercare plan using the above tips will help in preventing cancer re-occurrence and give you peace of mind.

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