Is Chronic Stress Ruining Your Life? Learn the Signs

You are probably aware that chronic stress can have adverse effects in your life. The problem is the symptoms can be very subtle. Oftentimes, chronic stress manifests in ways you do not expect. This article discusses the different signs of chronic stress to help you determine whether you’re suffering from the condition and prevent it from getting worse.

chronic stress

1. Feeling Distressed

Are you having a hard time to relax? Do you constantly feel tense and nervous? Does it seem impossible to be at peace? When you are stressed out, the body releases various chemicals in an attempt to alleviate stress, forcing the body to go into fight or flight mode. This gives you a constant feeling of agitation. Even when you are exhausted, you might find it very difficult to sit still and relax.

2. Sudden Bursts Of Anger

Do even the littlest of things make you feel unusually angry? Do you experience sudden outbursts of anger and vent it out even to your loved ones? This is a sign that you are under too much stress. After being tense for an extended period of time, the body needs to release all the pressure, often in the form of anger.

3. Depression And Anxiety

Chronic stress can also make you feel depressed. It robs you off the energy you need to perform your day-to-day activities. You don’t seem motivated to do anything. In some cases, overly-stressed individuals choose not to socialize and live a reclusive lifestyle instead.

4. Inability To Concentrate

When you are stressed, you tend to space out when doing something. You easily get distracted and lose focus on the task at hand. This leaves even your most important jobs undone, severely impacting your performance at work. Oftentimes, stressed people are only able to work during the last minute, a period in which the body works hard to enter motivation mode.

5. Memory Loss

Too much stress can also lead to memory loss. You may find it difficult to remember even basic things. Everyone experiences lapses in memory from time to time, but if you experience it regularly, then it’s an indication that you may be suffering from stress.

6. Unusually High Or Low Appetite

Different people have different ways of responding to stress. When under excessive stress, some people tend to overeat while others tend to under-eat. There are people who turn to food to find comfort when under stress. Others feel they do not have the energy even for essential activities such as eating.

After reading this, you are now aware that the symptoms of chronic stress can be confusing and wide in scope. If you experience any of the above, it is best to seek a qualified counselor or therapist to help you feel better and prevent the condition from getting out of hand.

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